Concrete is all around us, and is one of the most popular building materials, but most of us don’t think of it as much more than that. Unless you’re building a patio, you probably won’t come across concrete very often, yet it can be used in many more ways than people think. Cheap, strong, and versatile, here are some surprising ways that concrete can be used.

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  1. Concrete phone cases

What better way to protect your phone than by using concrete? Posh Craft, based in Korea, created a phone case that’s made in concrete, yet is light, thin, and flexible, offering the ultimate protection. Because concrete has bubbles, it makes for an interesting and unique design, and the texture of the concrete prevents it from slipping from your hand while texting.

  1. Dams

Some of the world’s biggest dams have been made in concrete. Dams have strong arches which resist the force of the water, helping to prevent flooding. Just one of the many commercial uses for concrete, dams benefit from the strength and versatility of the material. They’re also cheaper and easier to fill than alternative designs. A famous example is the Hoover Dam, which was the largest concrete structure in the world when it was built, and you can still see the sturdy concrete arches.

  1. Home accessories

Want to add some industrial chic to your home? Concrete has inspired many interior designers, creating accessories such as:

  • Table lamp bases
  • Vases
  • Flower pots
  • Clocks
  • Decorative letters

If you have a modern home, then concrete adds a cool, contemporary look. Many of these accessories are inexpensive, and the versatility of concrete allows designers to make unique shapes and styles. Prefer to DIY? You can even buy small pots of concrete in craft stores which allow you to mould your own shapes.

  1. Underwater construction

Romans used a form of concrete to build sea walls, some of which have stood for over 2,000 years. This is because certain types of concrete can set underwater, so they were able to build in the sea, rather than having to move heavy blocks and install them. Their blend of volcanic ash and quicklime, used to create early concrete, may have reacted with the seawater forming a crystal, which allowed it to be such a strong building material. Modern Portland concrete also hardens when it comes into contact with water, so is used in bridge building and other projects.

  1. Musical instruments

Want your music to have a unique sound? Pick up a concrete guitar. With excellent acoustic qualities, concrete guitars have been created as environmentally-friendly alternatives to wood, with many rare types of trees often used which is unsustainable. A concrete mandolin was also made by an amateur musician, with concrete easy to shape into its unique form.

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