Concrete isn’t just something you can use to make driveways and paths. As an inexpensive, versatile material, there are more and more uses for it outside the home, and allows you to get a wide range of different looks. When you are looking for driveways in Melbourne, you may be inspired to use more concrete around your property, and here are some interesting ways it can improve your garden.

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  1. Make a patio

You may see concrete as being a bit grey and dull, but there are lots of different looks you can achieve, including:

  • Add aggregate for a textured look
  • Using a diamond cut saw to simulate paving
  • Create the look of slate by ‘stamping’ the concrete
  • Using coloured concrete for a unique look

While these looks are unique and stylish, you still enjoy the practical features of concrete such as durability, and they’re often inexpensive options.

  1. Create walls and hard landscaping

If your garden needs more of a flow, then hard landscaping such as walls and fences can make a big difference. However, if you live in Melbourne, you’ll know that materials such as wood can easily age in the heat and can take a lot of maintenance. Concrete has a sleek, contemporary look and can last for longer, plus it’s easy to add different textures or designs to suit your styles. Because concrete is poured, many different shapes are possible, so the style options are endless.

  1. Making concrete furniture and features

Bored of the usual wooden benches in peoples’ gardens? Some lovers of landscape design have used concrete blocks to create tables and chairs, as well as interesting features such as fire pits, BBQs, and much more. Because concrete is so versatile, the only limit is your imagination, so you can get a bespoke look and you’re guaranteed that your friends won’t have the same furniture.

  1. Use concrete planters

Grey concrete looks great in contrast with greenery or blooming plants, and there’s a current trend for concrete planters and troughs. If you want a unique way to update your garden, this is an easy way to add an unusual feature that’ll get people talking. Got some leftover cinder blocks from a building job? Stack them up and make a contemporary tiered planter, which is ideal for brightening up boring corners and adding a focal point.

  1. Create pathways

Paths can shape your garden and make a big difference to the way it looks. We all know that concrete is a popular choice for driveways in Melbourne, but it also works well as a path for many of the same reasons, and it’s so easy to maintain. Got a garden that’s an unusual shape? Concrete can mould to any shape, so you can go for a classic style, or something very contemporary and cool.

If you are thinking of adding concrete features to your garden, call Concept Concrete in Melbourne on 1300 366 343 to find out more.