Whether you’re building a new property or renovating your home’s exterior, you might want to think carefully about which material to use for your driveway. The two most popular materials used to construct driveways are asphalt and concrete, both of which have their pros and cons. For example, asphalt is cheaper than concrete initially in most cases, but concrete has a much longer lifespan. Also, asphalt can look stylish if you want it to blend in with the road, but concrete is available in a broad range of colours.

Below, we explain why concrete is often the better choice for driveways in Melbourne. If you have any questions or need advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Concrete Is More Durable Than Asphalt

If you intend to park your vehicle on your driveway, you should probably opt for concrete, which handles heavy loads better than asphalt. Moreover, asphalt can soften due to high temperatures, which isn’t ideal during the summer in Australia. If you want to invest in a driveway that’s durable and easy to maintain, you should probably choose concrete.

Concrete Driveways Have a Longer Lifespan Than Asphalt Alternatives

You can expect asphalt and concrete driveways to survive for decades. However, while asphalt driveways have an average life expectancy of around 20 years, concrete alternatives can remain intact for more than 40 years. Often, concrete requires a larger initial investment than asphalt. However, when you consider its longevity, concrete is a much better value option than asphalt.

Concrete Is Versatile

Asphalt usually comes in black, and because it has to be rolled and compressed, there a very few design options available. Concrete, on the other hand, comes in a range of finishes, meaning you can have a bespoke driveway designed according to your stylistic preferences. Choose our experts to design and install your concrete driveway, and you can feel confident that it will complement your home’s exterior style perfectly.

Concrete Is Available in a Range of Colours

As mentioned above, asphalt is usually only available in black. Some people like this option because it can make their drive look like an extension of the road. However, many people prefer coloured concrete driveways because they can make their home stand out on the street.

Concrete Is Easy to Maintain

Cleaning your concrete driveway couldn’t be easier, and maintenance is simple too. Asphalt must be resealed every three to five years, but sealing concrete driveways is optional. You might have to degrease your concrete driveway every so often to keep it in pristine condition, but that’s about it. However, if you want to maximise the lifespan of your concrete driveway, you can apply a sealcoat to protect it from water penetration.

Learn More about The Benefits of Concrete Driveways

As you can see from the advantages detailed above, concrete driveways are a smart investment. They require little upkeep and can be designed to suit your preferences. If you want to revamp your driveway or install a brand new one, contact the experts at CONCEPT CONCRETE on 1300 366 343.