So, business is going well, and you’ve decided to upgrade your premises to match your growth, but what does it take to make it look appealing to employees, visitors and clients? The interior is all but finished, the relocation of equipment is on schedule, the lighting is almost done, and the bathrooms are plumbed in and finished, so job done right? Not quite. In order to keep productivity constant, many businesses will consider the job done as soon as the employees are seated at their desks or workstations and doing their jobs, but this isn’t the whole picture. Leaving the exterior of the building and surrounding grounds unfinished for any longer than necessary can have a negative impact. Well-kept grounds are, to many people, a strong indication as to the company’s overall reputation and their standing within the business community.

Essential and Optional External Features

There are certain things that are essential for any business premises and even more things that could perhaps enhance the image of a company. A secure car park is one area that is must be deemed essential, although off street parking may be available, employees, clients and visitors might not be too impressed. A well-constructed concrete driveway is also a massive plus. Not only does it look attractive if bordered by plants, trees or decorative concrete walls it also provides a convenient means of dropping clients and visitors directly to the door if they are travelling by taxi. Well-lit paved walkways are also useful, both functionally and atheistically. You also need to ensure that you have the correct signage, as this will ensure people who are not familiar with your premises get to where they need to be with the minimum of inconvenience.

Optional features that can be added include a paved outside area where employees can socialise during breaks and something similar, situated out of eye shot, a smoking area. If the grounds allow, a decorative landscaped garden could also be added and perhaps even a water feature! Although the aforementioned optional features are not necessary, they can look attractive if completed by a leading concreting and paving company and can do wonders for the appearance of your building and therefore the impression they make on visitors.

Finding a Company with Commercial Experience

Finding a great landscaping company needn’t be hard providing you do your research. Concept Concrete have completed a number of commercial concreting and paving jobs for companies across Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Simply take a look at our commercial projects overview to see what we have done for others and can also do for you. Specialising in decorative concrete paving, in-situ walls, form work and stair cases and more, we have the skillset and experience to make your business premises stand out from the rest.

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