When it comes to replacing your driveway, it’s understandable that costs will be at the forefront of your mind. People worry that installing a concrete driveway may be expensive, but it’s a great investment in the long term.  A good driveway can last you 25 – 30 years if you keep it cleaned and sealed so it makes excellent financial sense in the long run to get one installed properly. There are always ways to make a difference to the price tag and the experts from Concrete Concept are here to tell you how.

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Check your council guidelines and requirements

Before you start any work check your local council’s website or enquire what is required in order to carry out any work. Most cities have a permit process and if you don’t adhere to it, you may end up with a fine! It’s better to obtain the necessary permits before you begin, so that you have peace of mind and don’t wind up with an unnecessary bill during the course of the work being carried out.

Figure out what tools are required

If you’re talking to a contractor, they can advise on the tools required, but if you have any work to carry out first, such as excavating dirt or moving gravel, then you may need a skid loader. The most economical option would be borrowing one from someone you know, but renting one from a local provider can also be budget-friendly. There’s no point in buying the tools you need if you’re not going to use them again and this is where you will discover that an experienced contractor is extremely cost-effective as they already have all the tools required.

Get your measurements right

Get your dimensions right! Make sure you measure your driveway a couple of times and that the numbers tally up. You don’t want to have too much or too little ordered and it’s important to know how much sub-grade material you need for the base of the driveway. Note that a driveway needs to be at least 6 inches thick so that it won’t crack and break with normal wear and tear and the weight of vehicles.

Avoid any extra features or decoration

Although there are a variety of options that are low-cost, if you really need to keep costs down, bear in mind that any texture or decorative features are going to be an additional charge. Colour patterns and textures are really attractive, but talk to your contractor about what is most important to you – in this case, budget. Stamping and textured concrete look great, but they can prove more costly. Also, if you can keep your driveway as straight as possible, this makes the process easier and therefore cheaper. Bends add more volume and increase the difficulty of the job, so they drive up the price.

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