Driveways are an excellent addition to your Melbourne home, allowing you to avoid the parking issues in parts of the city, and giving you easy access to your property. However, if you’ve decided to get a driveway installed, it’s important to have the job carried out by professionals, ensuring a smart finish and long-lasting result. That’s why you should do some research before you make your decision, and here are a few things to consider when choosing a concrete drive specialist.

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Established business

There are many fly by night driveway businesses around, who often offer cheap driveways, but they can be of poor quality. When problems occur, the people are nowhere to be found, which means you are left out of pocket. It’s better to leave the installation of concrete driveways in Melbourne to established firms such as Concept Concrete, who have an excellent reputation for quality.


A good way to gauge whether a firm is reputable or not is to see whether they are registered with any trade bodies. In Melbourne, they should be a Registered Building Contractor through the Victorian Building Authority, which means they must meet high standards when installing your concrete driveway or carry out any sort of construction work. It’s a way of ensuring consumers have peace of mind when they choose a contractor.


When you have some quotes, and are making your decision, it’s worth taking time to find out more about the company and previous customers’ experience of them. This could include:

  • Looking at previous work they’ve done – either photos or in person
  • Looking at online reviews
  • Asking friends and family members for recommendations
  • Looking up the company on social media to see what people have said
  • Checking testimonials

This will give you a good idea of the company’s reputation, and how satisfied previous customers have been.


Price is a major factor when deciding who should do the work, but don’t be swayed into picking the cheapest company. Quality is also important, and it’s important to choose a firm who won’t cut corners, and will use qualified labourers and quality materials, as well as guaranteeing your work. When you have a concrete driveway installed, you want to know it’s built to last, which is why going for the cheapest option isn’t always the best idea.

When you decide to get a driveway installed, get some quotes, and read the small print carefully to see what’s included. Sometimes the cheaper quotes don’t always include everything that’ll be needed, which can mean hidden costs down the line. When comparing quotes, make sure you take this into account, so you aren’t caught out, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you need a concrete drive specialist in Melbourne, give Concept Concrete a call on 1300 366 343 for a quote today. Covering the Metropolitan Melbourne area and beyond, they have an excellent reputation for quality, so you can be sure your driveway is a good investment.