When we think of a business premises that last thing that many of us will probably think of is how it looks from the outside. Whilst we can’t apply this generalisation to retail premises which generally have aesthetic design considerations applied, we can apply it other areas of business and industry. For many people involved in certain industries the appearance of the building may secondary to the products or services of their core business offerings, but this could be a costly oversight. Many people today search for the products and services they require online and pictures of commercial premises may be included in the search results, an unattractive or unkempt commercial building could perhaps encourage a potential customer to buy from a competitor instead.

If you are serious about your business, you should also be serious about the appearance of your premises. The team at Concept Concrete have come up with a few ideas you can use for inspiration.

Pay Special Attention to the Entrance

The entrance to your building should clearly defined and free from clutter and debris. The actual pathway should be clearly marked so customers and suppliers know exactly where they’re going. A good quality professionally installed concrete pathway, or one made with attractive slabs are two popular choices that are well worth considering.


Yes, plants are important. Placing attractive plants near the entrance makes a good first impression on visitors, even subconsciously perhaps.

Outdoor furniture

This is a feature often overlooked. If the weather allows this provides a comfortable environment for visitors and employees alike. Wrought iron benches or wooden seating areas with awnings are popular at some commercial premises.

Patios and Purpose Made Walkways

Patios or indeed any attractive hardstanding make a building look organised and comfortable and combined with attractive furniture make an ideal place for employees to enjoy lunch or coffee. Purpose built walkways to car parks and bike sheds also lend an impression of forward-thinking to a commercial premise and thus the company itself.

Care and Maintenance

Special attention should be given at all times to the condition of the exterior fixtures. This is especially relevant to walkways where a damaged walkway could result in injury. A highly regarded commercial landscaping specialist should be contacted in the event of damage or for routine maintenance, an even better option would be to organise a regular maintenance schedule.

Smoking Areas

Although some employees or visitors will be smokers, the smoking section should be an area away from the entry/exits points. Smoking is becoming increasingly antisocial and may set a bad first impression if people are smoking in close proximity to the building, in fact this could potentially undo all the good features of the exterior.

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