With recent advances in concrete, a driveway is no longer just a functional element of your home. Instead, it is also an essential design element that adds much to its appeal and value to your property.

A side effect of these innovations and customisations is that there is an incredible degree of variance when it comes to concrete driveways. We’ll examine these variables below in as much detail as possible.

Including materials and labour, you can expect to pay between $85-$135 per square metre for a plain driveway. Larger jobs may be lower, smaller jobs may be higher. This does not include preparation work or additions.

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Factors affecting the cost

In many ways, general figures are meaningless unless you understand what factors actually increase or decrease the final cost. If you don’t understand pricing mechanisms, you might think that you’re being overcharged for a service that is actually standard practice. Like all services, research and due diligence are a necessity!

The major contributing factors to the final quote include:

  • Total surface area – Priced on a square metre basis, you’ll pay close to twice as much for double the surface area.
  • Type of concrete – There are many concrete options available that can dramatically increase the final price such as stamped, exposed, and coloured concrete.
  • Preparation work – Clearing existing concrete or excavation work will cost a whole lot more. Concept Concrete prides itself with managing all elements of its projects, including excavation, spoil removal requirements and plumbing and drainage.
  • Access Restrictions – Expect to pay additional if we have access restrictions to the property. Concept Concrete will work through all of this with our clients on site to ensure everyone is clear with the direction of the project.
  • Extras – Other costs to be aware of that will contribute to the final quote include thickness of concrete you desire, mix selection, colour selection.

Concrete driveway costs by type

Perhaps the biggest consideration is going to be the type. Aside from the total surface area, this is going to be the one that increases or decreases your cost the most. The average cost per square metre for various types of pathways is given below:

Concrete Type Price Range (Per m2)
Plain Concrete $50-90
Coloured Concrete $60-100
Exposed Concrete $100-150
Stamped Concrete $100-200
Stencilled Concrete $100-200

How can I calculate the cost of my concrete driveway?

To get a rough idea of the process of calculating the cost of your driveway, you would:

  1. Measure the length and width of your driveway, so you know how many square metres of concrete you need.
  2. Identify the concrete you are looking for. The variance is generally from $85 per square metre (Plain) to $150 per square metre for (Exposed Aggregate)

We provide you with this information as a guide to assist you, for your project. It is important to note that with increases in supply our prices are subject to change.

We can also assist you with council asset concrete works including obtaining crossover permit. This can be an expensive and confusing process. From getting traffic management plans, dial before you dig and asset protection bond – the process isnt always straight forward, but we can work through the steps with you.

Even with the best of calculations, it’s always best to contact a professional concreter in your area for precise details and measurements.

Concept Concrete provides a high level of customer service and we have a number of Project Managers available to come out to your property for a free onsite quote.

All our works come with a 6.5 warranty and we are also Registered Builders practitioners fulfilling the Australian Standards and Tolerances.

How can I reduce the costs?

You can’t really reduce the cost in terms of the total surface area or the slope. There are regulations surrounding the depth and the width of driveways. Many local councils specify a minimum width of three metres.

You could reduce the cost by opting for plain concrete. This would be around half the cost of more exotic options, and you can pay around $85 per square metre here. However, by adding just $15 per square metre, you can get an impressive colour and some distinctive appeal without breaking the bank. You can also simply colour seal the plain concrete to save costs. However, by colour sealing your driveway, this will require a reseal every two years.

What is the cost of maintenance for a concrete driveway?

There is practically no maintenance required. You can sweep it every now and again to remove debris or blast it with a power hose to remove dirt and grime. Specialised driveway solutions are also available from local stores.

What might cost you (though it will also extend the lifespan of your driveway) is getting the pathway resealed every five years or so.

Bear in mind that the driveway does not actually have to be sealed. If you have stained concrete, sealing the driveway is more relevant. It’s also important if you live in an area with road salt as this can affect the concrete. Unlike doing your own concrete, which is a job best left to professionals, concrete sealing is a potential area where you can save money if you want to DIY.

Why is stamped concrete so expensive?

Stamped concrete gives your driveway texture and a unique pattern that can come in more than one colour. The concrete is like art in one sense as the installer impresses a design on the concrete.

Unlike an artist, however, you only get one shot with concrete. When it dries, it dries. So it’s harder to get right but is also one of the most distinctive and impressive kinds of driveways available. It is double the price of regular concrete, but your driveway will certainly stand out with stamped concrete.

What’s the most cost-effective kind of driveway?

Coloured and Exposed aggregate confer many of the benefits at half the price of stencilling and concrete stamping. This is why these two tend to be more popular than stamped or stencilling, which are more niche. It’s best to take the time to think about what it is that you’re after so you can iron out the costs once and for all.

Pave cut concrete is another option. This is different from concrete pavers and is cheaper. It is plain or coloured concrete that is cut in a particular manner to achieve a similar look to pavers. But you have to find a specialised concrete cutting agency to be able to do it well. There are many creative ways to make a driveway look amazing without paying through the nose for stencilling or stamped concrete.

Where can I find expert concrete services?

Check out Concept Concrete. We are a family run business that offers a 78-month warranty on our products. We specialise in exposed aggregate and coloured driveways.

With 15 years of construction experience, an extensive portfolio, and amazing customer testimonials, you can’t go wrong if you choose us for your concrete project in Melbourne.

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