When renovating a business premises, it’s important to keep productivity at an optimum level whilst the works are ongoing.  Adequate planning and preparation are essential as is engaging companies that are able to work around your normal business schedule.

In this short Concept Concrete blog, we’ll focus on the do’s and don’ts involved in a medium scale business premises renovation and offer some tips as to how to avoid affecting workflow and employee and client safely.


  1. Ensure access to the site is clear and free of obstructions at all times. If the carpark, driveway or outside common areas are being renovated, ensure there are alternative options for clients and employees and also make sure there is adequate safety signage and lighting in place.
  2. Make sure your contractors know your regular hours of business and inform them of any essential business events or meetings so they can adjust their schedule/the jobs they are working on to ensure undue disruption.
  3. Appoint a nominated person as a lead point of contact between the company and the contractors, this will ensure the minimum of confusion between both parties and ensure effective communication.
  4. Do check your contractors’ credentials and track record. For example, a company that specialises in commercial concreting projects should have a selection of testimonials from previous customers with similar jobs to the project you have planned.
  5. Check the contractors usual service hours. Some contractors may be able to offer flexibility about what hours they work, they could start early or finish late depending on the type of job they are undertaking on the day in question. From example, a concreting company that is laying a new driveway for you may not be able to start and stop their job at will, so check in advance.


Don’t overlook any health and safety considerations, this can be very serious so make sure the contractors you engage are fully insured and fully versed in all health and safety regulations that are applicable to the environment they are working in.

  1. If at all possible, do not plan any large-scale events, where the ongoing works may disrupt the intended purpose of the event. For example, if you are having any access paths repaved or concreted at the time of the planned event, it may be wise either to change the date of the event or speak to the concreting company about rescheduling that particular project.
  2. Don’t assume that other people will know the schedule of works, keep all departments informed with dates of scheduled works so they can plan in advance.
  3. Don’t overlook the budget. Budget for your renovation works and stick to it as rigidly as possible.

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