Many people just ignore their outdoor space in the cooler months, but this is a waste of a room in your house! You may feel like you don’t want to venture outside but there are ways that you can make it more bearable, and even pleasant to spend time in. Banish those winter blues by adding some warmth with the following tips from Concept Concrete:

Warm lights

Think of well-lit places and the ambiance they have – you can make your outdoor space the same. Even if the sun goes down early, you can still make the place inviting with fairy lights or even huge candles that flicker gently in the cool breeze. Dot some tiki lamps around your patio area, or hang lanterns along the driveway to lead the way to the porch. Add some scented candles to spice up the aroma and add some atmosphere. Soon, you’ll forget the cold.

Heat it up

If you want it to be bearable, you’ll need to add some heat. A fire pit is a great feature point of an outdoor area and will get the heat going, but if you don’t want one of these you can go for an electric or gas heater, which come in many varieties. There’s a range of heating options for style and budget – you can even look at infrared heaters for your ceiling, if you have one over the outdoor space.

Cosy up

Your garden furniture may be quite stark and built for purpose, but in winter you can add cushions and throw to soften this effect and make them more comfortable. Add a basket with lots of blankets so that guests can wrap one around when they come over to visit and you’ll find that people are happy to spend time outdoors feeling cosy and warm.

Concept Concrete believe in making spaces for all year round, so give us a call today.