For many commercial enterprises, space is at a premium, particularly when you consider the high costs of land in most business districts. When your outside space is limited, you need to make the best possible use of it, especially when there are priority factors such as parking areas to be considered. Concrete offers a durable option with a wide variety of uses. Hard-wearing staircases, decorative concrete slabs, or exposed aggregate/coloured concrete parking spaces can all offer functional solutions to utilising small areas of land.

If you are planning either a new build premises or an extension to your existing commercial property, then concrete can be a key component of your building process from start to finish. From your foundations, footings, and any necessary formwork at the beginning of the project, through to finishing touches such as stairways, slabbing, pathways, and driveways, having a single company carrying out all aspects of such work means increases in efficiency and savings too.  When deciding on the company to carry out all your concreting work, it often helps to look at past projects they have worked on. These can give you an accurate view of the skill levels and experience the company has, and how able they will be to carry out your own project. Another way to determine ability and past performance is to look at testimonials and online reviews on Google and general sites.

While people often think of concrete as ugly but functional, the fact is that there are many modern options and varieties when it comes to using concrete in your project. The textured feel of exposed aggregates or the many shades of coloured concrete available means you can combine functional use with aesthetics. To find out more, call Concept Concrete on 1300 366 343.