If you are thinking about giving your garden a 2019 freshen up there are certain steps you need to take before you put your plan into action. The team at Concept Concrete are constantly monitoring the latest design trends regarding gardens so we don’t come unstuck when a customer comes to us for inspiration! Drawing on our extensive experience we have come up with 5 essentials that you must give consideration to before you get started.

Perform adequate research to ensure your ideas are feasible

We all have visions of what we want our rejuvenated garden to look like, but care must be taken to ensure that these visions can be realised. First of all, we’d advise making a large list of the things/features you want, you may not be able to include all of them, but a comprehensive list gives you a point of reference from which to start from.

What type of layout have you visualised? What sort of space constraints do you have?

These two questions need to be answered before you move onto the next stage. Don’t forget you still need space to move around your garden comfortably. Overdoing it with too many features can detract from your initial concept and lead to a cluttered, even claustrophobic outdoor space. Your local landscaping experts may be able to provide with some pointers here.

Does your new colour scheme match your existing exterior décor?

Just because you like a certain colour or style, it doesn’t mean that it will fit in with the rest of your property. This is especially relevant to features such as paving, as they are semi-permanent fixtures which cannot changed at the drop of a hat, this could also prove to be a costly error. Again, your local landscaping specialists should be able to help you with this.

Buying plants is simple right?

Please read on –
Before going out and buying plants for your garden you need to do your research. Common questions that need to be answered include: How big will they get? Do they prefer sun or shade? Is it possible that one plant will overshadow (both in terms of appearance and size) another? Answering these questions before you go on a horticultural shopping spree will save you time and money.

Your Budget –
As with any project you need to make a strict budget and try to stick to it, we’d advise estimating slightly over rather than under as you may need a little budgetary movement in the event of a slight overspend. This is especially relevant to aspects such as paving or any areas that may require concreting.

If you are planning a garden revamp or even a new driveway , the team at Concept Concrete are ready and waiting to help you turn your vision into reality. As concrete specialists we are well placed to provide expert assistance with paved areas, terraced gardens and of course driveways and other concreted areas.

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