If you look around almost any contemporary housing development in Australia, you will notice that more and more emphasis is being placed on incorporating elements of nature into the design. These days, people simply do not want to live or work in a concrete jungle, so finding a commercial landscaping company with the necessary experience is essential. Well planned and designed residential developments of the 21st century will have greenery in abundance, making it a pleasant environment to live.

Obviously, in many cities, particularly the CBD’s, space is at a premium so innovative landscapers need to work with what they have. Highly regarded landscaping specialists will possess a number of skills in addition to their concrete expertise and will incorporate green initiatives into their design. In order to achieve this objective, a detailed consultation with the project manager will need to be carried out with specialists in other landscaping disciplines if required.

Landscaping Considerations

As part of the greater design process, there are a number of considerations that need to be examined before the design can be signed off, these include but are not limited to:

  • The Surrounding Environment – Care must be taken to ensure that the new design blends in with the surrounding environment. There are few things worse than a poorly designed commercial landscaping project that negatively impacts upon the surrounding area.
  • Concreting – The type and style of the concrete must also be looked at closely before finalising any draft design. Exposed aggregate concrete car ports, coloured concrete, and decorative concrete paving are all viable options for any commercial landscaping project.
  • Plant and Wildlife Considerations – If the proposed plot for development is an area considered to be of any natural interest, the relevant state authorities will advise you as to the best course of action. This could impact on the overall design so must be examined in minute detail.

A highly regarded landscaping company will be able to investigate any design pitfalls in full. It is unlikely that any of the above will impact if the relevant authorities and specialists have been involved in the initial consultation phase.

Moving Forward

When the design has been signed off, you will need to source the relevant specialists in order to get the project up and running. Experts who specialise and are experienced in many concrete landscaping disciplines will be near the top of the contractor lists as well as niche gardeners, who have experience in creating urban gardens that promote relaxation and boost the feel-good factor of residents and visitors.

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