While not the first thing that pops into your head when it comes to beautifying your house, driveways present a great opportunity to make a welcoming first impression to your home. But how do you decide on a driveway that fits your house? Read on for our tips on how to make that decision.

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How is the weather at your location?

 This can mean the difference between a long-lasting domestic driveway or one that crumbles apart when the weather changes. The weather helps decide what type of material is used to build the driveway. It also affects other choices. For instance, if your area experiences a lot of rain, you might want to cover your driveway to prevent slips. On the other hand, if it’s mostly warm weather, you should opt for a lighter shade that does not absorb heat.

How long is the driveway?

This is especially important when it comes to office driveways and other commercial uses. A long driveway means you will have to fork out more for the construction and maintenance. If your budget is limited, go for a plainer design. You can spice up the look by adding plants and greenery along the path.

Is the driveway on a hill?

If the driveway is located on a hill or other type of a slope, it is better that the ground has a rougher surface. A smoother surface can result in slips or vehicle accidents when it rains.

What type of vehicle are you using?

A car or two is not going to be a problem, but if you’re using a heavier vehicle, consider using a material that can endure the weight and stress. If you don’t, you will have to pay more in maintenance costs every time your driveway cracks.

To make a better decision on what suits your house best, take a look at our gallery of different style. You can also get in touch with our experienced specialists at Concept Concrete to help you out.