Having a beautiful house and garden is great, but remember that keeping a clean driveway goes a long way to projecting a great image of your home. Also, if you’ve had some wonderful coloured concrete installed you will want it kept in the best condition possible, but may not know where to start. Here at Concept Concrete, we have all the experience necessary to advise on what’s best for your driveway. So, when you see the sun shining, it’s time to get out there and clean up!

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What supplies do I need?

First you’ll need to gather some supplies:

  • Laundry detergent or soda
  • A good scrubbing brush, like a grill brush
  • An outdoor broom
  • A bag of kitty litter or a few boxes of baking soda
  • A large gallon size bucket

Steps to clean your driveway

  1. Soak up any spills – this is where the kitty litter comes in, as it’s absorbent. So any oil or liquid on the driveway will be absorbed too, and dried-in liquid normally comes off too. Cover the liquid entirely with kitty litter and grind it in with your broom. Let it stay there for about an hour or so.
  2. Now give the place a good sweep, this is when you can also get any leaves or debris. If you are disposing of oil from a vehicle, be careful, as it is hazardous.
  3. Now mix water and the detergent (or if you don’t have these to hand, get a 2-litre bottle of Coke). About one cup of cleaner and hot water is best, pour this along the driveway – and don’t worry, the chemicals won’t harm it.
  4. Get down and start scrubbing, that’s right, put your back into it. If it’s not heavily soiled then you can probably get this done quickly enough, or if it’s a large space, then get a power hose.
  5. Rinse off your driveway with some clean, warm water and let it dry out in the sun.

Voila! The driveway looks as good as new. If you want advice on more stubborn stains or a professional helping hand, call us today on 1300 366 343.