Just because you only have a small amount of space to work with, doesn’t mean that you need to go without the joy of a beautiful flowering garden. These spaces can work to your advantage and rather than leave them as a blank canvas, why not create a relaxing space to retreat to, and in effect another room for your home.

Here at Concept Concrete, we’ve put together some tips so that you can make your own little sanctuary, whether on your patio or balcony.

Where to begin?

It’s always best to start with a good base – make sure the area is clean and even. Consider investing in some coloured concrete to give an instant makeover to any outdoor area – warmer tones work brilliantly, even before you add plants and flowers.

Where the light gets in

When you’re planting greenery for your balcony or patio, you need to carefully consider the kind of plants and flowers that will flourish in the surroundings. There are different species that respond better in lower light so do some research and don’t overestimate the amount of light. Your local garden centre will have plants that work in lower light areas, simply check their tags for details.

Care for your garden

Although your new garden may be small, it likely needs more attention than a traditional garden. Plants can grow quickly so ensure that you have pots the next size up to accommodate the roots. The pots also need plenty of water, as they are more sheltered from the elements so the plants will rely on you for their moisture. Also, you’ll need to get a quality fertiliser or if you do have that bit of extra space, put in a composting system to provide the necessary nutrients to flowers and shrubs.

Deadheading and checking for pests are also necessary on a regular basis so that your little garden can thrive.

If you’d like to spruce up your smaller outdoor area, Concept Concrete have coloured concrete that will act as the perfect base for your container garden.