The entranceway to any type of business acts as a form of business card. An attractive pathway or driveway and surroundings will attract customers and will also create a positive view as they enter. Depending on your location and type of business, there are various approaches you can take. Colourful driveways, entrance paths, landscaping, and external seating areas can all make for a pleasanter environment for customers and staff. With a wide range of exposed aggregates and coloured concrete to choose from, it is a simple process to transform a plain or unattractive area into something welcoming to all.

You may wish to consider adding other aesthetically pleasing features to your outside area. A walkway pergola offers a shaded/protective element to the path leading to your main entrance. And standalone pergolas or decking areas can provide charming areas for staff and customers to relax or eat lunch in good weather. When you combine the utilitarian nature and durability of concrete areas with plants and flowers, you are helping make your business and your community look more beautiful.

By combining architectural concrete with formworks, the possibilities are endless, and design options mean these ideas are suitable for any sort of commercial or industrial business. From functional to ornate, transforming your external areas is a simple process. Choose decorative slabs or paving, separating areas with various wall sizes and types, plant beds, fencing, and stairways where needed. Using concrete as the foundation for any ideas means you are only restricted by imagination and budget. If you are considering transforming the outside of your business, no matter the size of area you have, then please contact Concept Concrete to discuss your plans and to see how we can make them reality. Phone us today on 1300 366 343.