Concrete is versatile, affordable, functional, and long-lasting, which is why it’s remained the most popular choice for driveways in Melbourne and beyond for decades. However, if you want your drive to survive for as long as possible, you need to pay at least some attention to maintenance.

Provided you take great care of your driveway, you can expect it to last for between 25 and 50 years, and fortunately, concrete drive maintenance requires little time, money or effort. However, the only way to ensure your driveway stands a chance of surviving for decades is to hire qualified and experienced professionals for the installation.

At Concept Concrete, we’ve been designing and installing concrete driveways and structures for a decade and a half and in that time, we’ve acquired the required knowledge to guarantee a superb installation regardless of the design. However, if you’ve just had a new drive installed, you can do your part to extend its lifespan by remembering the following maintenance tips.

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  • Apply Sealer as Required

The best way to ensure your driveway retains its immaculate appearance is to apply a sealer at least once every two years. Sealers are inexpensive and available at most hardware stores, and we’re happy to recommend products that have earned our seal of approval. If your drive has to deal with lots of vehicle traffic or is exposed to harsh weather conditions, you might want to seal it once or twice a year, or as soon as it begins to show signs of degradation.

  • Remove Stains Immediately

Provided you apply a high-quality sealer to your driveway regularly, it should put up tough resistance to stains and surface damage. However, it’s still a good idea to clean spills and stains as soon as they appear. Often, all it takes is a hose and a wipe with a stiff brush to maintain a driveway, but certain cleaning chemicals and pressure washing may be required for oil spills and hard to remove stains.

  • Don’t Use De-Icer

Fortunately, Australia doesn’t experience too much unbearably cold weather, but that doesn’t mean that Melbourne is a stranger to cool temperatures. In the winter months, your driveway could become covered by a sheet of frost or even ice, but you shouldn’t use de-icer to remedy the problem.

De-icers have been known to cause surface damage to concrete driveways, usually in the form of spalling or scaling, because they cause moisture to thaw and refreeze. Plus, products that contain ammonium sulphates or nitrates can attack concrete’s chemical composition. If your driveway’s surface is slippery, it’s best to avoid chemicals and instead lay down some sand for traction.

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