When you want your home to make a good first impression, you probably set about cleaning it top to bottom, making sure all the floors are gleaming and the curtains clean. But, remember, the first thing any visitors to your home will see is your garden and driveway. So, it’s here that you should focus your efforts, particularly if you have limited time before the guests descend. So, what are the things that you can do to give your home instant kerb appeal?

Tips to make the front look better

  1. Clean your windows

Dirty windows make the whole home look neglected so pull up your sleeves and get them shining. Dust away any cobwebs and then wash them down with a cleaning solution. Finish them off by polishing with newspaper and they will look good as new.

  1. Number your front door

Many of us have driven up and down a street looking for a house number, only to have to pull out the phone and call to find out which house it is. Don’t irritate people before they have arrived and put a neat number outside the door to make it easy to find.

  1. Put some colourful plants on the path

Even if you don’t have time for them to grow, you can always buy some potted plants from the garden centre to place along the pathway. Colours such as yellow and red make a really good impression and give visitors a positive feeling.

  1. Wash your driveway

Did you know that real estate agents often hose down a concrete driveway before taking people to a property? This is a well-known trick as a clean driveway is more appealing. So, get sweeping or washing before you’re expecting guests to create a good impression.

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