As we all know, first impressions count for an awful lot and with so many homes on the market these days, selling is no easy thing. People who are on the lookout for a home understand that it is a buyer’s market and any potential buyer will be looking at every detail when viewing a property, in fact, a shabby exterior might put a person off so much that they drive right past and forget the whole thing.

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Affordable and Attractive

If your home has been on the market for a few months and you haven’t had much of a response, walk across the street and take an honest look at the front elevation of the property. This is what any potential buyer will see when they arrive for a viewing, and while the interior might be very attractive, a shabby driveway will do little to inspire. At Concept Concrete, we have an extensive catalogue of colours and textured finishes to choose from, and with a little gardening, your Melbourne home will be transformed and a much more attractive proposition for a potential buyer.

Selective Buyers

If you have ever been house hunting, you will already know how easy it is to strike potential properties off the list for one reason or another. No one likes to waste their valuable time and with so many homes up for sale, if a property doesn’t inspire at the first glance, the chances are it will be scratched from the list and the buyer will head off to view the next residence. Regarding selling your home, the longer it takes, the more stressful it can be for the seller and very often it takes a significant drop in price to create enough interest. Resurfacing the driveway might be all it takes to interest a buyer enough to view the property and with affordable prices you can encourage a quick sale by presenting your home in its best light.

Coloured Concrete

Even though you plan to relocate as soon as possible, you can still select a driveway that will turn heads, with a wide range of rich colours and finishes. Our extensive colour concrete range allows for the perfect contrast with the home. Our colour oxide is added prior to mixing, which ensures an even colour throughout the batch and we also offer exposed aggregate driveways, with many combinations that are each unique in their own way.

A Wise Investment

If resurfacing your driveway helps you attract a buyer, then it is money well spent and with the next chapter of your life waiting for a buyer, a quick sale allows your plans to come to fruition. Sadly, it can take a while for a homeowner to realise that their property leaves a lot to be desired and if your home has been on the market for a few months with little response, resurfacing the driveway might be just the answer.

Wherever your home happens to be in the Melbourne area, if you would like a free, no obligation quote for a new driveway, call us on 1300 366 343 or leave a message on our website and we’ll get back to you shortly.