If you watch the TV for any period of time you are sure to have noticed a massive number of programs focusing on home and garden. Some of these may be factual programs, with some of the ideas featured being easily transferable to your own home or garden but what about the homes that win property awards? What makes these homes so special? In this short Concept Concrete blog, we’ll have a look at some of the features that separate the good from the great.

Although most of the homes you see featured as property prize winners are virtually mansions owned by the wealthy, you will have noticed some home improvement features that can be adopted by any home, to scale of course.

Property Prize Winning Assets

I have listed a few of the assets that always seem to be highlighted by judges when they pick the best features of a property.

  • Large Windows – Large windows that let in the maximum amount of light seem to be a firm favourite when it comes to judging a property’s main assets. If combined with a stunning view of the coast or a panoramic city view, the property can score even higher on the judge’s scorecard.
  • Olympic Size or Lagoon Styled Swimming Pool – Although swimming pools are present in many homes throughout Australia, few can compete with the pools of the rich and famous. Not only are their pools fabulously designed, they also have a pool area that is something straight out of Hollywood blockbuster. Providing the design is tasteful, most property judges will score this area well.
  • Stunning Driveway – You never see any winners of property awards without a stunning driveway. Concrete driveways are now installed in a variety of styles and even colours and an addition you can certainly make to your own property. An experienced concreting company will be able to give you more information.
  • Multi-Vehicle Garage – For many well-heeled people, a garage isn’t a garage unless it can accommodate multiple vehicles.
  • Stunning Gardens and Grounds – The garden or what are known as ‘grounds’ in very large properties are studied closely by property award judges. They will study everything from plant selection to concrete landscaping and also award points for tasteful landscape design and perhaps even garden lighting.

The above list contains just a few examples of the things that a judge will consider if he is judging a property for an award. The average homeowner can also enhance their home with things such as a new driveway, a landscaped garden or perhaps even a few large windows! You may not win any property prizes, but your friends and neighbours will probably comment upon your home improvements!

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