Many communities in Melbourne and across Australia have local organisations and clubs that are used by all, but from time to time their premises will need to be renovated in order to keep them functional. Day care centres, youth clubs and local sports centres are just three examples of places where members of a community can congregate or share their interests. These community based projects do attract funding from time to time and it’s important the money goes to where it is needed most. Obviously, urgent repairs to buildings and replacing worn or damaged essential contents must come first but it’s important not to overlook the exterior.

The Exterior

If a local community centric building looks scruffy and not cared for this can impact on the whole area. Neglecting the upkeep of the carpark and wider grounds can potentially undo all the good community-based work that has been done over the years, so it’s important to allocate some budget to this area as well. Please see below for a few examples of areas that should be maintained or refurbished providing the budget is there to do so.

  • Car Park – In order to keep a community club running at its full potential, it is essential to have a functional concrete driveway and car park. If visitors are unable to park in a purpose-built area, they may start to park on surrounding residential streets and impact upon other people’s access to their homes.
  • Lighting – Adequate lighting for the exterior of the premises is also very important as many community functions and activities take place at night. A well-lit pathway from the parking area to the building is essential, the last thing anyone needs is to have an easily avoidable accident in the dark.
  • Patio and BBQ Area – As the facility is the focal point of the community, an outdoor area for relaxation, BBQ’s and kids’ games is crucial. This area should obviously be tidy and equipped with quality equipment that is durable enough to withstand whatever punishment the kids throw at it. A well laid concrete or paver patio should be suitable for groups of all sizes and only need occasional maintenance to keep it look it’s best.
  • Surrounding Grounds – Although the surrounding grounds probably comes in a bit lower when allocating budget, it is still important to keep the grounds well maintained and attractive on the eye. An experienced landscape design firm will be able to give you some tips on how to create attractive surroundings and probably just as importantly how to maintain them for minimal cost and time.

Keeping Community Spirit Alive

A good community spirit is what brings people together, facilitates friendships and provides a helping hand when needed. Any place where the community associates for the good of all, promotes kids sports or simply provides an area where people can meet needs to be encouraged and kept in tip-top shape for the good of the whole community.

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