The first thing people see when approaching your home is the exterior and it’s a matter of pride to keep it looking good. If it’s looking a little tired or you feel like a new project to enhance the value and aesthetic of your home, then try some of Concept Concrete’s tips for improving your exterior.

Get your yard in shape

If your garden is untidy or running over the edges, this creates a bad impression straight away. Remove any dead or dying plants and foliage and make sure the borders are neatly trimmed. Planting some native, colourful flowers is a great way to accentuate the house and driveway and will add a smile to the faces of visitors when they come to your home. It’s also important to match the style of your garden to your home, so whether your style is sophisticated, natural or tropical, you can complement the existing design with flowers and landscaping.

Repair or replace your driveway

Damaged and cracked driveways are pretty unsightly from the kerb. They can also present a danger to young children and cause damage to tyres. If it’s been a few decades since the entrance was paved it may be worth considering getting a new concrete driveway. This immediately gives your property a cleaner, modern look and you can rest assured that it will last a long time. Alternatively you can resurface it and add a more decorative style.

Freshen up the paint

Add value to your home and give your neighbours something to admire with a new paint job. This is one of the least expensive ways to give your home an update and a lick of fresh paint does wonders for the overall picture of your home. Neutral colours are quite modern and will ensure that your home blends well with the environment and neighbourhood.

If it’s broken, fix it

If there is anything visible broken, such as shutters or drainpipes, then ensure that you complete your home repairs. The slightest cracked tile can really make your home look tired and neglected. Fixing the unsightly bits is important for the safety of your family as well as making it easier on the eye.

Install outdoor lighting

For a new, sleek modern touch you can add some low landscape lighting to your driveway and / or garden. This has the added bonus of providing extra security to your property, helping to deter intruders. Solar lighting has the benefit of requiring no wiring, but be aware that the light levels may be dimmer, particularly in the winter months when there isn’t as much sunshine. This can be a lovely showcase for your updated driveway or new paint job.

Take a look at the roof

The roof is a dominant feature of your home so ensuring it looks tip-top is vital for a good first impression. Sometimes a simple power wash can transform the roof space of your home but if there are any loose slates or cracked tiles, be sure to replace them to keep it looking good.

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