Your patio could be so much more than an outdoor landing leading into your house. At Concept Concrete, we’ve helped countless clients create patios that quickly become one of the most popular ‘rooms’ in the house. Here’s how to go about doing the same with your patio.

Create a Space with Purpose

It’s easy enough to decide that you would like to build a patio without giving too much thought to how you plan to utilise the space. But a little bit of planning goes a long way. Taking time to plan out how you’ll be using your patio lets you purpose build the space. Everyone is going to enjoy the space much more as a result.

Start by considering how you plan to use your outdoor living space. Will it serve primarily as a retreat – a place to withdraw into nature with a good book and a hot cup of tea? If so, then it’s best positioned in a semi-remote corner of the property.

Also consider the time of day you’ll be using the space. Do you envision an early morning sanctuary where you spend 15 to 20 minutes with the morning paper before heading to work? If so, an east-facing patio with access to your kitchen may be best. If, on the other hand, the patio is likely to be busiest at the weekends, then you may get more use out of a sheltered indoor-outdoor space that connects to the living room.

Create an Outdoor Cooking Station

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Or better yet, move the kitchen into a breezy alfresco space. An outdoor cooking station introduces a new dimension to your patio and allows you to enjoy even more fresh air. It’s one of the most satisfying ways to put your outdoor space to use.
You may be surprised to learn just how affordable it is to equip your patio with a cooking station. This features hinges on a gas grill built into an island with storage space and the potential for other stainless steel appliances. Some cooking stations also have ovens and even small refrigerators so that you can accomplish much (if not all) of your prep work outside as well.

Cooking is active work both indoors and out, which means it’s important to use non-slip surfaces for the flooring. Exposed aggregate from Concept Concrete is a particularly good option in this regard. View our product range here or contact us for a quote.

Approach Your Patio as an Oasis

A well-done patio increases the liveability of your home. Keep this in mind as you’re planning and developing this space, and do your best to develop an oasis from which you can escape the worries and hassles of life.

Create a space where you can do your favourite things – whether that’s spending time with friends, practising yoga or reading a good book. The arrangement of this space and the furnishings you place here will vary accordingly. Likewise, the layout and design of the hardscape should also be designed to accommodate these purposes.

With a little careful planning, your patio will easily become one of the most popular destinations in the house. Contact Concept Concrete when you’re ready to start planning and designing yours, and we’ll help you turn this dream space into a reality.