The vast majority of us need to balance our incomings and outgoings in order to maintain a balanced standard of living. Putting off one job so we do another is common place but what if you had a home improvement budget that was almost limitless? What would you do?

The blog team at Concept Concrete have come up with a few home improvement ideas that you can action one at a time or perhaps even all at once with a large budget. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some ideas.

  • Build an Extension– Expanding our living space is something that many of us dream of but cannot due to space and budgetary constraints but with a massive budget the sky is the limit. For this example, we’ll assume you have unlimited space, what would you utilise the extra space for? Extra bedrooms? A massive home cinema? A games room or hobby workshop? The choices are seemingly endless, the only barrier you may face is local planning permission regulations!
  • Brand New Swimming Pool – Again, this example applies if you have almost unlimited space to utilise. You have probably seen the Hollywood movies where they have seemingly massive swimming pools, with guest annexes surrounding them and a beautifully landscaped garden, with specially selected plants and trees. The pool areas you see in the movies also look spectacular at night, with underlit paved pathways lighting the way for evening cocktail parties and BBQs and ensuring everyone can see where they are going day or night. With an unlimited home improvement budget all this is possible providing you have the available space.
  • Spectacular Driveway – A high quality driveway, bordered by underlit plant and flower beds makes a property’s approach absolutely spectacular. The driveways of today are available in a number of materials and also available in a large array of colours. Plain, standard concrete driveways are not the only choice and although functional, may not be fitting to a homeowner with a large home improvement budget.
  • Landscaped Gardens – When it comes to gardens, the possibilities are endless. You could employ the very best landscaping specialists and recreate the garden of your dreams. Water features, polished concrete garden terracing and a classy ornate pave cut all weather patio are just three of the home improvements you could opt for depending on your personal taste and any space constraints.

Even if you don’t have an unlimited home improvement budget, the team at Concept Concrete can help you significantly improve the appearance and quality of your home’s exterior. Predominantly driveway specialists, we can also help with any area of your property that would benefit from any form of concrete landscaping. From pathways to patios to garden landscaping, our team are well placed to help you get the very best from your home. For more information or to obtain a quotation please call Concept Concrete on 1300 366 343.