The property market, particularly in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, is particularly fierce so if you want to sell your house you need to lever every possible advantage you can to give you the edge on other sellers with similar properties. The team at Concept Concrete suggest taking a look at the property’s perimeter first, particularly the driveway.

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The hardest job when selling a property is actually getting the prospective buyer into the property – ‘getting their foot in the door’ to coin a well-known phrase. But, how do you increase your chances of getting this to happen? By concentrating on the driveway and kerbside boundary. First impressions really do count.

Simple things that a homeowner could do themselves include making sure the hedge is tidy, the grass is cut and any flowers look in good condition. The driveway and carport should also be very tidy and swept, time to move those old bicycles and empty compost bags!

For those with a bit more time and budget giving the driveway and front garden a complete facelift may be an option. If this is an option, we’d probably suggest attacking the driveway first and then moving onto the garden. As a homeowner (or someone who wants to sell rather quickly) there are a number of options available. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Sandblasting the driveway to improve appearance – This may be an option if the driveway is relatively new – it may not be worth it if the driveway is dated and clearly past its prime.
  2. Replacing or completely the driveway – This is obviously the best option is your budget allows it. A new driveway can completely rejuvenate any property and with a range of finishes, textures and colours you can design your driveway so it complements the property and thus is more attractive to potential buyers.

If you want to sell your house quickly, getting the driveway done to a high standard is a sure-fire way of attracting more interest. If this is something you are considering please make Melbourne based Concept Concrete your first port of call.