When we think of improving our homes, the exterior tends to be neglected. And even when we do turn our attention to improving the outdoor space, more focus is usually placed on a rear patio or landscaping a garden than the driveway. But a well-designed driveway is an asset to any property. If you’re thinking about updating your driveway look no further.  Concept Concrete service all of Melbourne, and specialise in architectural concrete and formwork design in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Here’s our tips for improving any driveway.

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Concrete driveway

One of the simplest driveways to maintain is one made from concrete. A poured concrete driveway is quick and easy to construct. Having said that, they can look a little dull if there’s not a lot of effort put in. But Concept Concrete can provide you with the consultation, design, engineering, and necessary permits to complete the construction of your concrete foundations. One of the ways we can do this is by breaking up the visual look of concrete by setting some blocks between the concrete slabs.

Circular driveways

If you have sufficient space, a simple way of improving your driveway is to turn it into a circular one. It will save having to reverse the vehicle for one and will look a lot more glamorous. They are super practical and also have an imposing effect when visitors drop by too. There’s something almost regal about pulling into a circular driveway.

Go green with grass

If you like a more natural look, use grass as a design element. Concept Concrete offer a range of services including landscape design. One of the ways in which you can include a little more greenery is using a grass strip along the middle of a driveway. The little bit of mowing you have to do will make the visual effect worth it.


Pave cut concrete is becoming a very popular concrete finish for its slate appearance. To obtain this look, a coloured or plain concrete is used and is then cut using a diamond saw resulting in the paved appearance. Paved driveways are also great as a driveway option because they are relatively easy to maintain.

Block paving

The advantage of block paving over other driveway solutions is that the bricks sitting together making up the surface, can be lifted out if need be. So, if one has a crack or is stained, you can simply lift it out and replace it with a new one. Regular block paving normally consists of simple squares or rectangles but an individual style can be created using a range of different sized and shaped blocks by experts at Concept Concrete.

Your driveway solution

Choosing the right paving contractor is important for driveways. Concept Concrete and our professional team of tradespeople will work together with you to provide exceptional workmanship and a great finish. Contact us today to discuss your concrete driveway solutions on free phone 1300 366 343.