When it comes to choosing a material for your driveway, you will obviously consider the two most popular options – concrete and asphalt. However, concrete has a few notable benefits over asphalt and we’re here to tell you why. Read on to find out why a concrete driveway will not only improve the look of your home, but also be the best choice for the long term.

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Built to function and last

Concrete is incredibly functional and durable. There’s a reason that it is used all around the globe for surfaces from pathways to roads to bridges. You can fully expect it to wear well over the years, without displaying signs of degradation that other materials might. It is strong enough to support thousands of pounds of weight, which helps if you have one or more cars to park in your driveway.

It also lasts about three times as long as asphalt, so even though you may pay more initially, you will save on repair and replacement costs. It doesn’t require much maintenance and unlike asphalt, you’re not required to apply oils and stink out your driveway when you’re trying to make it look better.

Comfort and cleanliness

Walking barefoot on an asphalt drive is simply not comfortable but it’s really scorching in a Melbourne summer. It also gets tacky on those sticky days so you may end up tracking asphalt sealer into your house and ruining your tiles or carpets. Concrete stays cool and doesn’t have any of the residue that might affect other parts of your garden or house. It’s easy to sweep and a power hose leaves it looking brand new in minutes. Concrete also has a non-skid surface, so it’s safer to walk and drive on, especially in wet or cold conditions.

Colour Options

If you want to make your driveway blend with the style of your home, you can have your concrete stained to match. This is great if you decide to do a complete overhaul of your property, as you won’t have to re-do your driveway, just add a colour stain.

Kerb appeal

As a homeowner, you always care about how your home looks from the front. Having a clean driveway will always create a great first impression. It’s the first thing guests will notice when they visit. Concrete also bounces any light available, so at night, it appears more visible than other driveway materials. Potential buyers will always pick concrete over asphalt too, so that’s a bonus when the time comes to sell your property.

Low maintenance

Concrete requires less maintenance than most other materials, particularly asphalt. You won’t see cracks appear for a long time, and even then there are ways to protect your driveway from this by the way the slabs are laid initially. Potholes are also rare. You can apply a sealant to protect the concrete from staining.

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