The winter is nearly upon, the Barbie will be sent back to the shed, the curtains drawn, and we’ll be spending more time indoors, but you can’t abandon the garden completely, there are some essential tasks that just won’t wait until spring. You’ve spent time, effort and perhaps even some money prepping up the backyard for the summer and by doing a little maintenance over the winter you can save yourself the hassle of completing the whole process again from scratch when the seasons change. The team at Concept Concrete have come up with a few winter garden maintenance tips to keep your outdoor space looking good.

High Pressure Washing your Driveway and Paths

Washing concrete is not one of those tasks that you look forward to all week but it’s still a job that needs to be done and done properly. First of all, remove any debris and dust from the concrete with a stiff brush and make sure it is disposed of properly, so it doesn’t blow on the concrete again. If carried out with high grade professional standard pressure washer it is possible to make the driveway look virtually brand new. Aside from cleaning visible dirt it can also remove stubborn stains as well. It may be beneficial to use detergent or degreaser as well depending on the level of contaminants present. Although the driveway is the most obvious candidate for a winter pressure clean, it is important not to overlook the paths and other walkways.

Securely Cover or Relocate Garden Furniture

Ok, this tip is something of a no brainer but it’s the type of job people leave to the very last minute and they do get caught out with unexpected storms and cold snaps. Either cover your garden furniture with a clean tarpaulin and secure it well or, even better, store in the garage or shed for the duration of the winter. Don’t forget to pressure wash your concrete patio if needed! Soft furnishings such as cushions and seat covers should be washed and stored inside.

Protect Your Plants from Frost

An area perhaps overlooked by all but the most avid gardeners is the damage that frost can do to plants, but there are a few measures you can take to you avoid this, including watering with a seaweed based solution to build frost resistance prior to the frost arriving or lightly covering with a cloth.

Gutter Cleaning

Although not technically in your garden, the guttering needs to be checked and cleaned periodically. (Not just in the winter!) Forgetting about this important task can lead to clogged drains and damaged guttering. You may need to call a professional to assist if you’re not confident working at height.

If you’d like some advice on cleaning your concrete driveway, patio or paths please don’t hesitate to contact Concept Concrete. We can also provide advice about any concrete repairs needed in the winter months.