High Quality Commercial Concrete

We offer a range of commercial concrete finishes and styles to help provide unmatched durability and performance advantages.

It’s easy to assume all concrete is the same (or that all Melbourne concreters can do the same job). When it comes to your business, commercial concrete is the affordable, durable, flexible and long lasting advantage you need.

At Concept Concrete, we offer a full range of concreting services with extensive experience in Melbourne’s commercial sector. As specialists in all forms of concrete construction, we can support you across a range of commercial needs, including:

  • Commercial loading docks
  • Factory and warehouse slabs
  • Car park floors and foundations
  • Industrial estates and upgrades
  • Footpaths, pavement and gutters
  • Ramps and access solutions

If you’re ready to meet the high demands for structural performance, enhance your business facilities, support your crucial infrastructure and elevate your space, our team is ready and dedicated to get the job done.

For more information or pricing, reach out and speak to a member of our commercial concreting team on 1300 366 343 or request a free quote today!

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Our Commercial Concrete Services

Types of Concrete for Commercial Jobs

Commercial concrete can be found virtually all over a structure, so there’s no “one size fits all” approach that works for everyone. Specialising in architectural concrete and formwork design, we can support you no matter what you’re looking to build. Every one of our concreters is also fully licensed and insured for the work they’ll be doing, so you can feel confident your project is in safe hands.

Learn more about some of our most popular concreting options below:

  • Plain Concrete: This standard mix is commonly used in pavements, construction and sewerage units. Also known as medium-density concrete, this is the workhorse you’ll find throughout Melbourne businesses.
  • Lightweight Concrete: More specialised than plain concrete, this lower density concrete is created using clay, pumice and other artificial materials. You’ll find this concrete in decks, precast construction and bridges, among other places.
  • Decorative Concrete: Offering a unique look and feel, decorative concrete includes coloured, polished, and exposed finishes (more on that below).
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete: With a natural appearance and slip-resistant finish you’ll find this popular concrete finish in driveways, parking areas and anywhere vehicle traffic is expected.

The (Many) Advantages of Commercial Concrete

Commercial floors have significantly different demands than residential floors so you’ll need a local concreting team with experience installing higher-strength floors. Our skilled team bring decades of experience in Melbourne’s construction industry and can help you find the ideal internal reinforcement, protective coating, or a high-quality finish that’s right for you.

Outside of the durability that you’ve come to expect, commercial concrete can be poured and finished in a range of designs, styles and colours to support your company’s branding or to complete a design theme.

Here are some of the benefits our clients enjoy when working with us:

✔ Strength in all conditions: Whether foot traffic or vehicle thoroughfare, commercial concrete provides support for heavy loads, pressure and weight that won’t crack, break or chip.
✔ Design flexibility: There are no limitations on how to shape and mould your concrete so you have the complete freedom to work with any shape or space.
✔ Cost savings: Commercial concrete can help reduce heating/cooling costs by up to 29% as an energy efficient surface that gives you greater control over your costs.
✔ Fire safety: A commercial concrete surface provides a safe and lasting barrier against fire which makes it ideal in warehouses, restaurants and a range of other industrial settings.
✔ Longevity: Built to last, our concreting solutions can stand firm across decades of use which protects you against unnecessary repairs or upgrades.

At Concept Concrete, we’re here to support you throughout the entire build process including all excavation, formwork, reinforcement and concreting. Speak to us today to learn more about our process and ensure your next concreting project is hassle-free, delivered on-budget and meets the needs of your business.

How Much Does Commercial Concrete Cost?

The cost of a commercial concrete project can fall between $75 to $150 per m2, though this figure depends on the type of concrete, the size of the area, the amount of site preparation and the duration of the project.

Discover more about our most popular concreting solutions below:

  • Plain concrete: Plain concrete offers a reliable and uniform appearance that can work with your business or industrial setting whether it’s customer-facing or not. Expect to spend $100 to $150 per m2.
  • Coloured concrete: Coloured concrete is found in many Melbourne businesses as a branding tool or design choice. Expect to spend around $75 to $90 per m2.
  • Textured concrete:  Textured finishes can be made to replicate the appearance of stone, tile, wood, and various other patterns. Expect to spend upwards of $120 per m2.
  • Exposed aggregate concrete: Removing the top layer to expose the aggregate beneath (e.g. sand, stone, gravel) creates a unique appearance that’s resistant to wear and tear. Expect to spend $100 to $150 per m2.

For more information on pricing, check out our latest price guides and resources:

What to look for in a Melbourne concreting company

Experience is key when choosing the right local construction experts for your job. Ask potential candidates how long they’ve been in the industry to get a feel for their abilities. You’ll also want to find out if they specialise in commercial concreting or are a generalist. The former is much more likely to give you the quality finish, professional service, and time and money saving benefits you’re looking for.

You’ll also want to choose someone with a proven track record. There’s no room for error when starting a commercial concreting project in Melbourne. Whether you’re an architect, builder, designer, or project manager, make sure you choose a company that can meet your concreting needs.

You can check out the feedback from our satisfied clients here

Commercial solutions from the experts at Concept Concrete

At Concept Concrete, we have the skills, equipment and local knowledge to support your next commercial project. Whether you’re planning a multi-story project or a small accessibility ramp, we’re the team for you.

Our highly skilled and experienced team can help you from project conception to completion across design, planning, construction and fit-out. We’ve built a strong reputation for being hassle-free, delivering projects to exact specifications, and keeping costs and disruption down and pouring our combined decades of experience into every job.

As a fully licensed and insured commercial concrete company in Melbourne, put us to the test by reaching out for a 100% obligation-free quote today. We won’t compromise on quality – and neither should you.

For more information or pricing, reach out and speak to a member of our commercial concreting team on 1300 366 343 or request an obligation-free quote today!

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