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Domestic work1

Looking for fast and affordable concrete driveway installation? Minimise disruption and keep more money in your pocket with Concept Concrete.

A driveway is an essential component to many homes and businesses across Melbourne. It’s a point of access as well as an aesthetic feature that can significantly add to curb appeal. But not matter how fancy or plain you choose to have your driveway, you need proper installation by the best experts to make sure that your driveway installation will last.

That’s where the experts at Concept Concrete come into play. We’ve been solving access problems and installing driveways in Melbourne and the surrounds for years with our family-run business. Our professionals are licensed, insured, and members of Master Builders Association, giving you the best there is when it comes to consultation through construction.

For more information or to compare our prices with the competition, get in touch on 1300 366 343 or request a 100% obligation-free quote online now.

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When the time is right for a driveway done right

Proper driveway installation can happen whenever you’re ready, but your current driveway (or lack thereof) can be a pretty good indicator of when it might be time to address the issue. Here are just a few signs that you’ll need a new driveway .


Your existing home approach should be graded or sloped away from your foundation. If your current driveway is the opposite, you can suffer from foundational water damage or standing water that will cause damage to the driveway’s surface.


The bigger the damage, the more likely you can benefit from a new driveway rather than attempting repair. While these are more of an eyesore, they can also absorb liquids from rainwater to oils, which will allow for even more damage over time.


These can be patched, but for a driveway with lots of holes, you’ll do better to go with a new driveway. Holes are not just unsightly; they can also damage your vehicle by repeatedly driving over, and into, them.


From patches to fading and everything in between, sometimes driveways can simply look worse for their wear. A new driveway not only looks better but can also add to your home’s value.



The (not so) long wait for your new driveway

Concrete driveways also have the advantage of being fairly fast to install. There are a number of steps required in the process, but depending on your contractor you can have your new driveway in place in just a few days.

Preparation steps for a new driveway include:

  1. Excavating existing materials including sod, old concrete or asphalt, and dirt
  2. Leveling and compacting the ground underneath the new driveway’s location
  3. Grading the surface away from the home to ensure proper drainage
  4. Building wooden forms to set the shape of the driveway in advance
  5. Reinforcing with mesh or steel bars as necessary to strengthen the concrete

From there, the land is ready to take the concrete, which is usually mixed and prepared onsite. If you are having your concrete tinted or coloured, it is also done at this stage. The concrete is poured in place, smoothed, leveled, grooved, and stamped or stenciled as needed while wet.

The longest part of the process is the curing time, which can take anywhere from one week to three weeks depending on the installation and the weather conditions. Your installer will advise you specifically how long to keep your vehicles off the new driveway. While you’ll be eager to use it, waiting until the surface has adequate time to cure will ensure that the driveway will last for years to come.

How to choose the right installer for your driveway project

You’ve decided on a new driveway, but how do you decide on a concreter for the job? There are a number of questions and considerations for you to take into account as you vet different contractors. Top of the list should be the years of experience that the company has working with projects like yours. Don’t be afraid to ask how long they have been in business and to ask for customer references so you can see other projects that they have worked on. You can also take to the internet and look up social proofs to determine whether they have a reputation that precedes them in a good – or bad – way.

Of course, what you’re looking for goes far beyond experience. Here are some other questions you can use to ask as you choose the best concreter for your project.

  • “Do you take care of any necessary permits or permissions?”
  • “What warranties or guarantees do you offer for your work?”
  • “Are you licensed and insured to the work described?”
  • “How often do you work on residential or business driveways?”
  • “How long will this project take you from start to finish?”
  • “How long will I need to stay off my driveway until it is completely cured?”
  • “Do you offer design elements such as colouring, stamping, or pave cut concrete?”
  • “Do you manage all of the clean up work from any required demolition?”
  • “Do you do the work yourself or do you outsource projects to other teams?”
  • “Are you members of any relevant builder’s organisations?”

Call Concept Concrete for your driveway installation

Call Concept Concrete for your driveway installation

When it comes to stellar driveways, no one has a better track record in Melbourne than Concept Concrete. Our licensed, insured, expert installers are experienced in designer driveways of all shapes and sizes and can work with you to create one that meets all of your design and functional needs. We’re known for our modern, custom concrete work that’s done reliably and professionally every single time.

If you’re ready for a new driveway for your home or business, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 366 343 or request a quote online today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Driveway Installation In Melbourne

How long is a new concrete driveway expected to last?

You can expect your new driveway to last you a minimum of 20-30 years on average. Of course, this comes down to you having a professional, properly done installation and being patient enough to allow the driveway to cure completely before use.

Do all new driveways need rebar added during construction?

Not always. It comes down, in large part, to how thick the driveway is going to be. More concrete thickness can call for the need for reinforcements to make sure the driveway can stand up to impact and pressure (i.e. you driving your car over it) for the lifetime of the material. In general, steel rebar is used when a driveway is more than 120mm thick. Between 100-120mm, a wire mesh can be used instead. Anything thinner may not require reinforcement.

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