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Many Melbourne homeowners put off driveway projects because they’re overwhelmed by what can seem like a major task to replenish or replace it. After all, no one wants to be out of a place to park their car for long or to spend tons of money to completely overhaul their curb appeal. 

But while you can opt for a completely new driveway crafted from scratch, many homeowners can actually take advantage of driveway resurfacing. With this technique, you can keep the underlay of your existing material and update the look of your driveway with the latest in design techniques.  

For driveway resurfacing done right, turn to the experts at Concept Concrete. We’ll be able to evaluate your existing set up and let you know how beneficial a resurfacing could be to the overall function and aesthetic of your home. We’re confident that we can give you exactly what you want at a price you can afford. 

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When you can resurface instead of replace your driveway

Not all driveways are candidates for resurfacing. Any residential or commercial driveway with severe damage like robust cracking, divots, or missing pieces should be looked at as a replacement project. This also applies if you are experiencing issues with drainage, runoff, or vastly uneven surfaces from one section to the next. That’s because to resurface, you need a decent existing surface with a moderate to high amount of integrity left in it. 

Put another way, think of resurfacing as more of a cosmetic change to your frontage whereas replacement is best for anything with significant wear and tear. 

That’s because concrete resurfacing is a process where a thin layer of custom mixed concrete is mixed with bonding agents, including cement, and then applied according to design specifications. The new layer literally bonds with the existing concrete below it to create a new solid and reliable surface with a new look and feel. 

That’s not to say your driveway has to be pristine to move forward with resurfacing. Of course, driveways are exposed to the elements, vehicles, and even foot traffic so there is going to be some degradation of the surface over time. If yours has small cracks or chipping, you can probably have those minor imperfections repaired and levelled off before you have your entire driveway resurfaced.

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What to expect with driveway resurfacing

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Just because this is a cosmetic change doesn’t mean there isn’t a great deal of work involved. The steps with concrete resurfacing mirror those for a large installation project, just on a smaller scale. Here’s what you can expect to happen. 

  1. Repair and prepare

Sealer and filler will be used to address any existing small cracks in the surface. Then the concrete will be cleaned to remove dirt, oil, and other debris so that the new concrete layer will adhere properly.

  1. Etch

The concrete needs to be made porous again so the new layer will bond with the one below. That means etching or grinding to rough up the surface before anything new is applied.

  1. Mix and apply

The new coating is mixed according to your specifications including any pigmentation that you’ll want for a new look. The application is usually done by hand and slowly smoothed into place for the look you desire.

  1. Wait and seal

 The new coating needs at least 24 hours to dry completely. It’s worth noting that it should be installed on a sunny day clear of any possibility of rain. Once dry, the driveway should then be seal coated for added protection moving forward. 

Can I resurface my own driveway? 

It’s technically possible, but you’ll be taking on a lot of work that could be done by professionals in less time and with more accurate results. You’ll have to worry about having the right equipment, from grinding to power washing and troweling, and that you’re using each tool the right way at all times. Incorrect application of the concrete during resurfacing can lead to bubbling, chipping, and other imperfections which will remain in place unless you, again, resurface it. 

So how much does concrete driveway resurfacing cost?

Leaving it to the experts is the best bet when it comes to driveway resurfacing. So it stands to reason that homeowners will wonder what they will stand to pay for it once they contract a professional. 

The great news is that it is much more cost effective to resurface a concrete driveway than it is to install one from scratch. There are less materials and labour involved, to start with. Plus, there is already a structure in place to give the work integrity. 

On average, you can expect to pay $35-40 per square metre for plain concrete resurfacing. Of course, many homeowners who go this route are doing so to improve the appearance of their driveway. You’ll pay a little more for aesthetic changes like colouring ($75-90 per square metre) or stencilling ($50-$85 per square metre). Keep in mind that the larger the driveway, the higher the cost. It’s important that you request a custom quote for your work with your exact requirements so you are clear on what you might expect to pay for the project as a whole.

Give your concrete new life with Concept Concrete

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At Concept Concrete, we’re just as much designers as we are concreters. We take our role in your design experience seriously and work together with homeowners to put together a plan that will bring your vision to life. From modern finishes to traditional designs, we can help you update or alter your existing driveway with a plethora of options for driveway resurfacing. 

All of our team members are licensed, insured, and highly trained professionals with a top reputation here in Melbourne. From residential to commercial projects and everything in between, there’s no job that Concept Concrete can’t handle. And as a family-run business, we place customer satisfaction as a priority with hassle-free turnarounds and transparent pricing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Driveway Resurfacing in Melbourne

Can you resurface a driveway made of something other than concrete?

Materials can often be resurfaced with the same material they are already made out of. For example, concrete can resurface an existing concrete driveway. But if you have something else in place like gravel or asphalt, you won’t be able to easily resurface it with concrete. Instead, you’ll want to look into fully replacing your driveway with a new one made of concrete for a lasting project.

Does driveway resurfacing last a long time?

It certainly can. Just because it’s a decorative finish doesn’t mean it’s dainty. Resurfaced concrete can last 25 years or more with proper care and depending on how structurally sound the original slab was to start with. 

Can resurfacing include textures and patterns?

Absolutely. Concrete is really versatile and can be shaped and manipulated to mimic other materials like stone. During your design phase, let your installer know what you are looking to achieve so they can be sure to quote you accurately for a resurfacing that includes a new texture, pattern, stamping, or coloured concrete

What are the main reasons why people resurface their driveways?

Because you need an existing driveway in relatively decent condition for resurfacing, most people pursue this option for aesthetic reasons. New homeowners who don’t like the look of grey plain concrete can revitalize their driveway using colours, patterns, pave cut, and texturing to give their surface a completely new look.  Resurfacing is essentially a decorative layer for your concrete. 

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