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Versatile Permeable Paving Melbourne

Looking for a solution that will allow you to pave your driveway or put in a patio without affecting water flow?

Permeable paving is fast becoming an alternative to traditional concrete products in residential and commercial settings throughout Melbourne. When installed properly by professionals, it can help reduce water flowing into storm drains and runoff.

Our expert team at Concept Concrete are ready to help you install the concrete surface that meets your exact needs. We’re well-versed in how to work with pervious or permeable concrete and are advocates in helping with sustainable construction materials. Whether you’re helping protect your property from floodwater and storm damage, or supporting your community’s needs, call us for a fast and free quote for this popular concrete finish here in Melbourne on 1300 366 343 today!

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What Makes Permeable Concrete Special?

Concrete is known for creating durable and long-lasting surfaces for indoor and outdoor applications – but there are many instances where creating a solid surface can cause problems with drainage. For example, when adding a brand-new patio by a pool or installing a new double-wide concrete driveway where there had just been gravel before. These areas have their regular drainage and water flow in place, and changing the surface out for concrete can impact how water flows away… or doesn’t.

Permeable concrete is made with larger aggregate than most typical concrete blends. Unlike typical concrete, it lacks fine particles that allow for tighter compaction of the aggregates. It’s mixed with resin and cement that allows it to bond and harden like typical concrete while still allowing water to flow more naturally, not just over the surface but also through it. The product is installed by pouring it in place over a free-draining, fully reinforced permeable concrete base. Water passing through a concrete slab is rerouted from overtaxed drainage solutions and allows the groundwater below it to refill naturally. 

Where Is Permeable Paving Best Used?

If you have an area that has poor drainage or overtaxed stormwater systems and you’re considering adding a concrete slab to the mix, you may want to consider going with a permeable solution instead. 

This paving is also often used in building roads and car parks where there are larger swaths of paved land and minimal control over drainage. Permeable concrete is also quite popular in high-traffic areas with pedestrians since it can help reduce slips and falls caused by pooling water. Instead of pooling, the water can be absorbed, in part, through the surface itself and into the groundwater system below. 

In most cases, the paving is installed over a layer of course aggregate, such as gravel, to entice water further to flow downward and into the ground rather than pooling directly under the surface. This is especially helpful on road surfaces frequented by vehicle and foot traffic.

Another unique application for porous paving is for use in areas with a lot of moisture, such as greenhouses or bathhouses. These surfaces help to draw away the extra water that can otherwise pool on more solid surfaces and keep the flooring safer to walk on. 

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How Much Does Permeable Paving Cost?

Since this is a specialised finish, you can expect permeable concrete to cost a bit more than plain concrete. That said, it can be well worth the investment and, in some cases, might be the only way to get council approval for your project if you have trees nearby that require access to the groundwater supply. 

When fully installed, the price range falls between $180-$190 per m2. For comparison, plain and even coloured concrete falls closer to $50-$90 per square meter. Several other factors will affect the pricing, for example, some installers will offer a discount if you are having a large area covered. If you have an existing driveway, patio, or concrete slab, it will have to be removed, and the ground prepped properly to receive the new material. All of this can add to the price, so the best course of action is always to request a custom quote for your exact needs. 

Can I Install Permeable Paving Myself?

There are options for this that might be more accessible to homeowners than others, but generally speaking its best to leave the installation to the experts. Some homeowners might be tempted to try to install permeable pavers themselves since they don’t require the same steps as pouring a wet concrete product. However, even these require a practiced hand to install right and ensure that drainage is handled correctly. 

The paving requires a properly prepared surface that is critical for drainage. Not only would you have to prepare and pour your own mix, which is complicated in itself, but you would also have to remove the existing surface, haul away the debris, level the ground, and prepare it with the proper materials including gravel and resin. 

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Call Concept Concrete for Your Next Concrete Project

There’s no reason to put off your paving project when the pros in all things concrete are just a call away here in Melbourne. Concept Concrete is savvy in all things concrete including permeable applications and concrete pavers so you’ll get the surface you need at the price you can afford. We pride ourselves on leveraging modern design with modern products that are functional and sustainable. 

On top of our know how when it comes to concrete of all types, we have an excellent reputation in Melbourne and the surrounds for providing quality projects on time and on budget. As a family-run and owned business, we place the focus on customer satisfaction and ensure that all of our jobs are done according to applicable standards in the industry.

To learn more about paving solutions for your home or business, call us today on 1300 366 343 or request a quote online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Permeable Paving in Melbourne

Is permeable paving weaker than plain concrete?

No. You might think that since there are more holes, or pores, throughout the concrete to allow for proper drainage when it comes to permeable paving. But actually, the product tends to be just as strong, if not stronger, than plain concrete because it allows the water to be drawn away from the surface. Remember, water can actually compromise the integrity of concrete over time and cause cracking or sinking. 

Is permeable concrete come with extra maintenance?

For the most part, you can treat this as a regular concrete surface. One think to keep in mind is that since there are more pores for the water to flow through, these surfaces can also be prone to clogging if they experience a lot of dirt and debris. However, they’re easy to keep clean with just a rinse of water from a standard garden hose or a well-timed rain storm.

How will this help the stormwater system?

Rather than having water just pour off of your concrete surface and directly into the stormwater system, water can trickle down and through the concrete surface itself. This allows the water to then make its way through the ground and create a hydrological balance between artificial factors (i.e. your driveway) and natural environments (i.e. the ground below). Water is then slowly and evenly released from the concrete through to the ground, which allows for seepage into the surrounding space. This significantly reduces runoff into stormwater systems and prevents large or overwhelming flows of water from overtaking the system.

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