Pave cut concrete is an affordable alternative to natural stone. Here’s what you can expect to pay and why it’s such a popular option in and around Melbourne.

Stone pavers are stunning but expensive. Thanks to advances in techniques, concrete surfaces have come a long way and can be a viable alternative to pavers. One such cost-effective alternative is pave cut concrete. From exterior projects like driveways to interior spaces, such as lobbies, it’s extremely versatile and can be used in various applications.

Even though pave cut concrete is more affordable than pavers, it’s still important that you take the time to understand the costs involved. You’ll have to account for the cost of the actual concrete, whichever type you choose, as well as the cost to actually cut the surface, which comes out between $15-$30 extra per square meter.

Here are all the most important details you should keep in mind as you get your budget in order as you explore pave cut concrete costs.

how much does pave cut concrete cost

What’s pave cut concrete?

Pave cut concrete is created by cutting a pattern into concrete using a diamond saw. This is done after the poured concrete has cured and dried. It creates a uniform paver look that’s as pleasing to the eye as the real thing, while offering the same durability that concrete is well-known for.

Not only is it decorative, but it will call for less maintenance than pavers. As a matter of fact, it requires basically zero maintenance. Weeds can easily spoil the look of pavers, but if you choose pave cut concrete over pavers, there will be no room for weeds to wiggle their way around to the surface.

Factors determining pave cut concrete costs

There are a number of factors that can impact pave cut concrete cost. It’s key that you keep each of them in mind to avoid nasty surprises. These include:

  • Size of the area that needs to be covered
  • Preparation required to get the site ready
  • Accessibility of the site
  • Depth of concrete that needs to be poured
  • Drainage required

How much can you expect to pay for pave cut concrete?

First, you’ll need to pour the concrete. For plain concrete, you can expect to pay between $50 and $90 per square meter.

You can also opt for colored concrete. This will work out slightly more expensive though. If colored concrete is a route you want to take, you can expect to pay between $15-$30 per square meter.

That’s the first part of the process. Then, you’ll also need to factor into the cost equation the price to get the poured concrete cut. For this, you’ll need to partner with a specialised concrete cutting agency.

How does pave cut concrete costs compare to other types of concrete?

Concrete type Cost per sq/m
Plain concrete $85 – $135
Reinforced concrete $65 – $90
Permeable paving $120 – $170
Coloured concrete $90 – $140
Exposed aggregate concrete $100 – $150
Pave Cut $15-$30

What’s the cost of maintenance for pave cut concrete?

As mentioned earlier, unlike pavers which are an alternative commonly used, pave cut concrete requires virtually no maintenance. With pavers, you’ll need to set time and money aside to deal with weeds, and pesticides can quickly add up to a pretty penny.

On the other hand, with pave cut concrete, all that’s required is an occasional sweep to get rid of debris. Alternatively, you can use a power hose to get rid of more stubborn dirt.

That said, it’s strongly recommended that you get your pave cut concrete sealed. This will need to be replaced about every five years.

How do I choose the right concrete company to get the best results?

While cost is a determining factor, it’s never a good idea to pick a contractor based on pricing alone. Concrete surfaces are durable and will last for many years, but only when they have been installed by a professional company. What’s more, if you want to opt for something like pave cut concrete, you’ll need to be even more selective as this type of finish requires specialized skills, the right tools, and experience.

Any reliable concrete installer will be able to provide you with references, social proof, and testimonials. That said, check that these references are for similar work completed. A general builder might be able to do a proper job of installing plain concrete but not for more decorative finishes.

In addition to checking references, also ask about a workmanship warranty. Even though pave cut concrete is more affordable, it still adds up to a sum. Without a warranty, there’s a risk that the work won’t be up to standard and you’ll need to spend extra money to get it fixed.

Avoid cutting corners by partnering with Concept Concrete

If you prefer the uniform look that pavers can offer but worried about struggling with weeds continuously, pave cut concrete can be a cost-effective answer. Not only will it help you to save on maintenance costs, but it’s also more affordable to install.

What about adding a touch of color for an added impact? With pave cut concrete, that’s also a possibility without blowing your budget.

Considering the cost, it’s no wonder that pave cut concrete is one of the most popular modern driveway ideas used in and around Melbourne. The Concept Concrete team has been installing this type of driveway for years.

In addition to being experienced in working with pave cut concrete, we can also apply concrete in various other ways. From exposed aggregate concrete to textured concrete to colored concrete and more, we’ve used concrete in many creative ways to transform domestic and commercial spaces. If you want to avoid costly mistakes, it’s best to partner with an experienced concrete company like Concept Concrete.

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