7 Tips On How To Find The Best Concreter In Melbourne

If you go to Google, Service Seeking, Yellowpages, Oneflare and other platforms that promote concreters, you will see hundreds of concreters competing against each other, claiming that they are all the best at what they do. While this is a good thing from the infrastructure perspective, it can be very confusing for home and business owners alike.

Top Benefits of Hiring Professional Concrete Services in Melbourne

Making concrete seems simple. Mix water, sand and cement, lay it on the ground, then wait for it to set. It can be tempting to think that anyone can do it – yourself, a neighbour, a handyman mate – and there’s no real need for professional concrete services in Melbourne.

Tools of the Concreting Trade

You all probably know of some of the tools used in the concreting trade but in this Concept Concrete blog we’ll show you a few tools and some of the equipment that you might not [Read More]

Renovating a Run-Down Property

We’ve all seen them as we drive through the city, old homes in disrepair that have seen better days and create an eyesore in whichever neighbourhood they are located in. Although many of these older, [Read More]