Driveway Repair Specialists

Driveway Repair Specialists

When it comes to function and aesthetics, perhaps no part of your home does more work on a daily basis than your concrete driveway. Not only do these put up with vehicle and foot traffic, but they also take whatever Mother Nature has to dish out on a constant basis (and in Melbourne that can be a *lot*). This makes it tough to keep looking your best over the years, even decades, lead to damage, dirt, and disarray.

Even the best driveways are going to need repair work at times, but the extent of that damage certainly varies by home or business. At Concept Concrete, we’re well versed in what it takes to get every driveway looking as good as new, no matter what life and the elements have thrown at it. We employ only the top concrete professionals in the industry and have a reputation as being the best at what we do here in Melbourne.

If you have damage or aren’t sure what is the best approach for your driveway repair, call our experts at Concept Concrete on 1300 366 343 or request a 100% obligation-free quote today.

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Signs your driveway is in need of professional repair

Driveways might never look as pristine as they did on the first day they were poured, but that’s bound to happen with the purpose they serve. While a little dirt certainly deserves to be rinsed away (if not by the rain, then by your garden hose from time to time), there are much more significant signs that your driveway is in need of repairs.

✘ Cracks and holes

These can form over time as water and the elements expand or contract the surface of the concrete. You’ll want to get these addressed sooner rather than later since they tend to get bigger over time.

✘ Flaking

Concrete surfaces that are not installed properly or allowed time to cure in the right weather conditions can produce flaking, or spalling, in patches. This can compromise the integrity of the concrete surface and spread over time.

✘ Sinking

A sign no one wants to see is a concrete driveway that has begun to sink. This is often due to improper preparation of the ground below during the installation process. Sinking can also lead to cracking as the concrete shifts in place.

✘ Heaving

The opposite of sinking, a heaving driveway will have rises in it due to the expansion and contraction of the surface during extremes in temperature. This can negatively affect proper drainage, not to mention being an eye sore.

✘ Discolouration

While this is more of an aesthetic problem, your driveway might not be as fresh looking as it was installed. This can be due to weather, residue, oils, spills, chemicals, and a wide variety of other factors. This can affect plain concrete driveways and coloured concrete.
Options when it comes to driveway repair

Options when it comes to driveway repair

If your driveway is worse for the wear, it’s time to call in the experts. But what solutions could they have in store for your driveway and, importantly, how much is it going to cost you?


Smaller cracks may be able to be filled with an epoxy solution whereas larger cracks and outright holes will need special patches. A professional will do their best to match the colour of the existing concrete and use a concrete patch to fill in the gaps as smoothly as possible. The cost for patching concrete in this way typically falls between $3-$8 per square metre repaired.


Another option, depending on the condition of the entire driveway, is resurfacing. In this case, a thin layer is installed overtop the existing concrete, filling in any cracks or holes along the way, giving the entire driveway a new surface. On average, this can cost $35 per square metre for a plain concrete driveway. Expect to pay more if you have, or want, a stamped or stenciled look.


For sunken slabs, you’re looking at much more significant repair work. The ground below the concrete driveway is the culprit, having lost the strength and rigidity to uphold the material above it. In this case, many homeowners decide to have their driveway redone with proper reinforcements and installation. Any repair work to the existing concrete will just be temporary as the slab will continue to sink over time.

Mud jacking

The other option for sunken slabs is a process called mud jacking. This is an intensive process and involves lifting the sunken concrete and filling in the space below it with a grout or polyurethane foam product. While it’s certainly labour intensive, it is actually 25-50% cheaper than replacing a driveway and can be a great solution if you only have a section of your driveway that has tilted off kilter. The cost for mud jacking ranges between $30-$65 per square metre.
Driveway repair done the right way by Concept Concrete

Driveway repair done the right way by Concept Concrete

Driveway repair is a skilled trade that requires professional consideration. In many cases, it involves much more than simply patching a spot and moving on. From resurfacing to replacing and everything in between, the experts at Concept Concrete have the best that Melbourne has to offer.

All of our professionals are licensed, insured, and honed in on providing custom concrete solutions for any driveway – no matter how big, small, or damaged it might be. We offer hassle-free project work to keep renovation and repair situations to a stress-free minimum, and our onsite quotes are guaranteed. To get your own quote for your driveway repair, call us on 1300 366 343 or click to request one online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Driveway Repair In Melbourne

Can I do any of the repair work for my driveway myself?

If you have a tiny crack that you’d like to tackle yourself, you can certainly use a filler and give it a try. However, these solutions tend to be impermanent and not last. Plus, it helps to have a professional take a look at what could have caused the crack in the first place. Chances are that there could be a bigger issue at work that needs to be addressed. And remember that any sinking, heaving, or structural damage should absolutely be looked at by a professional concreter as soon as possible.

Can I patch concrete with cement?

While they might seem the same to the untrained eye, cement and concrete are quite different materials. Each has their own composition, and they are not compatible. Keep in mind that if you try to patch concrete with cement, the cement will dry and shrink differently than the concrete over time, leaving you with an even bigger mess to fix.

Is my driveway cracking because it isn’t thick enough?

That shouldn’t be the case when it is professionally installed. Most driveways have a minimum of 100mm thickness to withstand normal amounts of pressure from vehicle and foot traffic. But driving heavy commercial machinery or other equipment on them could cause the surface to crack regardless of its thickness.

How often should I be sealing my driveway to guard against stains?

As a general rule, you will want to have your driveway sealed against water and staining every one to three years.

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