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At Concept Concrete, we have extensive experience within the domestic aspect of the building and construction industry. Choose from a wide range of concreting services and enjoy inch-perfect concreting solutions to elevate your home. Whether you’re after a striking driveway, an inviting outdoor space,  a concrete patio or any other job in between, our experienced and local team is ready to help.

As specialists in a variety of concrete finishes from textured to plain, coloured to permeable pavers, there’s no task that is too big or too small. Explore more about our domestic concreting services below and contact us if you need more information.

If you’re ready to elevate your living space with exposed aggregate or other concreting options, reach out and speak to a member of our residential concreting team on 1300 366 343 today!

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Our Residential Concreting Process

With decades in the industry, we understand the importance of delivering an eye-catching and durable concrete solution without disrupting your home and lifestyle. Our entire process from start to finish is designed to work to your needs and ensure you wake up to a concrete surface that’s practical and reliable for decades to come.

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We’ll conduct an initial site inspection before starting on. site preparation. Site preparation may include excavation and drainage and will include crushed rock base, formwork and steel installation. Temporary barricades will be installed for site protection
A Concept Concrete Registered Builder Practitioner will follow a series of checklists to ensure the work meets our stringent guidelines and to ensure we maintain our high standards of workmanship, following the National Construction Code of Australia and Australian Standard 2870.
The concreting process begins. The concreting process includes pouring and exposing or finishing your concrete*. Following this, we  cut the concrete within a 36 hour period. When this is done, we will arrange for your driveway to be acid washed and sealed for lasting performance.

* Please note that weather conditions can sometimes impact our ability to complete work on your driveway. Where weather conditions result in us being unable to complete work on your driveway within the above time period, Concept Concrete is not liable for any loss or liability incurred by you as a result.

What Are the Advantages of Using Concrete Around Your Home?

From driveways to entertainment areas, patios to pool areas, concrete can be used to elevate practically any outdoor space. It’s tough to go past concrete when you’re looking for longevity and durability – but don’t discount the aesthetic and performance advantages of concrete spaces.

  • Affordable solution: Avoid the high cost of bricks and natural stone with an affordable concrete driveway or patio that won’t break the bank.
  • Low maintenance: From the patio to poolside, concrete is easy to clean and won’t suck up your weekends with extra chores.
  • Highly flexible designs: Concrete can be installed plain then upgraded to add colour, stencils, stamps or texture – it’s all up to you!
  • Long lasting: Professionally installed concrete can last for 20 to 30 years (or more) so you can enjoy cost-savings for longer.
  • Strong and robust: Concrete can handle high volume of foot or vehicle traffic without cracks or damage.

Ready to discover more about our innovative and creative concrete solutions to transform the look and feel of your landscape? Whether you’re renovating an existing concrete space, pouring new concrete, or need a little design inspiration to rejuvenate a tired yard, we’ll show you how to make the most of your available space and budget.

How Much Does Residential Concrete Cost?

The cost of a concrete project will vary based on the type of concrete, the size of the area, the amount of site preparation and the duration of the project. As an average, concrete costs can fall between $75 to $150 per m2, though this depends on the type of concrete you choose to complement your home.

  • Plain concrete: A classic (and for good reason), plain concrete offers a reliable and uniform appearance that can work with your garden, home’s exterior and any outdoor space. Expect to spend $100 to $150 per m2.
  • Coloured concrete: Coloured concrete is common outside Melbourne homes in areas like pathways, pavers and driveways. Expect to spend around $75 to $90 per m2.
  • Textured concrete:  Textured finishes can be made to replicate the appearance of stone, tile, wood, and various other patterns and are ideal for outdoor entertainment spaces or by the pool. Expect to spend upwards of $120 per m2.
  • Exposed aggregate concrete: Removing the top layer to expose the aggregate beneath (e.g. sand, stone, gravel) creates a unique appearance that’s resistant to wear and tear. Expect to spend $100 to $150 per m2.

For more information on pricing, check out our latest price guides and resources:

Our Residential Concrete Services

driveway services

Concrete Driveways

When it comes to driveways, there is more than what meets the eye. It is the pathway to your home and tells people a lot about how you want to be viewed. Though a new living room sofa suite may take the front seat on your priority list, it is essential to understand that the exteriors of your home or office are as important as the interiors.

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Exposed aggregate

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete is one of our most popular driveway finishes for its premium and contemporary appearance. We have a vast range of colours and textured aggregate to suit all landscape and architectural desires for your home.

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Coloured concrete

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete comes in a myriad of colours and is very durable. At Concept Concrete, we mix the coloured oxide into the concrete prior to laying it, to ensure that you get a rich and even colour throughout. If you are after a deeper colour we also recommend our clients colour sealing the driveway.

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House slab

Concrete Slabs

If you have the house plans, hand the hard work over to us and our team at Concept Concrete will do the rest. We will work together to provide a quality solution to best meet your needs.

We provide you with the consultation, design, engineering, and necessary permits to complete the construction of your concrete foundations.

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Plain concrete

Plain Concrete

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to rejuvenate your driveway or outdoor area plain concrete is the perfect solution for your home. It is finished with a stipple creating a slightly textured finish.

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Pave Cut

Pave Cut Concrete

Pave cut concrete is becoming a very popular concrete finish for its slate and paver appearance. To get this impressive finish a coloured or plain concrete is used and is then cut using a diamond saw resulting in the paved appearance. It is the perfect solution for those after the paver look, but without cost outlay.

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Concept Concrete

Permeable Paving

Permeable Paving is fast becoming an alternative option to traditional concrete products. It is a resin bound aggregate permeable paving product.
It is a hard surface and highly durable, which allows water to drain naturally. This finish has increased substantially in the construction market due to the sustainable nature of the product.
We pour the product over a free draining, fully reinforced permeable concrete base and reduces the amount of surface water directed to stormwater drains.
More and more clients are finding that there new modern builds specifies permeable concrete, porous paving or permeable pavers. Speak to us today about this concrete alternative.

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Trust the experts in Melbourne concreting to transform your outdoor space

Whether you’re looking for a concrete driveway, patio, pathway or any other outdoor space, you need to prioritise safety and performance over everything else. Unlike natural stone, concrete is free of defects and flaws and can handle anything you throw at it from a backyard BBQ to regular vehicle traffic.

At Concept Concrete, our concrete solutions help you benefit today and tomorrow. From an almost negligible maintenance cost to a fire-safe and damage-resistant surface that can be cast into practically any shape, we’re passionate about helping local Melbourne homeowners save significant time and money.

Don’t be fooled by our name. We may be concreting specialists, but we also offer a broad range of services including landscaping design and construction of retaining walls, decks, pergolas and entertaining areas for your next project.

For expert advice, industry-leading service, and prices that work for you, call us on 1300 366 343 or request an obligation-free quote online.

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