Got a home improvement project on the horizon? Upgrade your driveat, patio or outdoor space with permeable paving – at a price that works for your budget.

Permeable concrete pavers are rising in popularity throughout Melbourne as homeowners look to embrace environmentally-friendly methods of construction without sacrificing the strength and durability that concrete is famous for.

But how much will permeable paving cost you? What hidden costs do you need to watch out for? And is it worth the money?

Put simply, the price you pay depends on a few factors from size to project complexity. That said, the average cost of installing permeable paving is around $120 – $170 per m2.

When you’re investing in a quality concrete finish to stand the test of time, it’s important you make an informed choice, so read on for our full price breakdown of the cost of permeable pavers in Australia.

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Is permeable paving worth the cost?

Permeable paving is made from porous stone that absorbs moisture and passes rain water (and other water) through into groundwater supplies. While many Melbourne homeowners go out of their way to protect their surfaces with sealant, permeable pavers are designed to move moisture into the ground.


Because conventional options like plain concrete are prone to water damage and require complicated (and often expensive) drainage solutions to stop water from pooling and creating a hazard.

Instead, permeable concrete paving provides the durability and strength of concrete – and can handle heavy vehicle traffic as well as everyday wear and tear – that eliminates the need for costly drainage control while supporting the environment.

If you ‘re looking for a low-maintenance, low-labour intensive and low-cost alternative to concrete, permeable paving is worth investing in.

How much does permeable concrete paving cost?

Permeable paving is comparable to high-end concrete options like exposed aggregate concrete (as permeable paving is typically made up of larger aggregate blends, making it similar to exposed aggregate).

To help you budget for your next project, the average cost of installing permeable paving falls between $120 – $170 per m2.

Although the cost of permeable paving will generally be more than plain concrete, you have the added bonus of an eye-catching finish that’s unique to your Melbourne home or business. Furthermore, permeable paving may be the only option to adhere to local Victorian council regulations if you are building near trees that require access to adequate groundwater supply.

By the numbers: permeable paving vs. alternate finishes

Permeable pavers offer an environmentally-conscious option ideal for driveways, patios or any paved surface likely to experience rainfall and extended water flow.

But how does the cost of this concrete paver compare to other leading options? Check out our comparison table below to find out.

Paving Type Average Cost
Plain Concrete $85 – $135 per m2
Coloured Concrete $90 – $140 per m2
Exposed Aggregate Concrete $100 to $150 per m2
Permeable Concrete Pavers $120 – $170 per m2
Natural Stone $200+ per m2

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What factors affect the cost of new permeable pavers?

Like any concrete installation service, you’ll need to factor in the size of your project, the complexity of installation and the skill of your professional concreting team. However, a primary variable comes down to the materials you choose.

Permeable pavers can be laid with any of the following popular materials:

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Gravel
  • Grass Pavers
  • Plastic Mats
  • Dry Pavers
  • Crushed Stone

Your choice of material will impact your overall costs. For example, sourcing and installing the correct crushed stone may be more expensive than grass pavers. Although permeable concrete pavers are not the most economical option upfront, the longevity of this choice means you keep more money in your pocket over time.

In this guide, we’re focusing on permeable concrete paving, but with multiple options available it’s best to speak to a professional to compare quotes.

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What other costs should you budget for?

Not all surfaces are ready for permeable paving installation. Any extra excavation or demolition will naturally incur a cost that should be factored into your budget. For example, a driveway may require excavation to 300mm below the finished paving level for proper application. Removing any volume of soil will add to your budget.

While the amount of sub-grade work is greater than a comparable plain or coloured concrete project, the lack of major maintenance and long lifespan (25 to 30 years) mean permeable pavers can still be the long-term economical choice.

For an accurate quote on professional excavation, demolition or removal of concrete, reach out on 1300 366 343 to speak to your local Concept Concrete expert.

Concept Concrete Tip: The higher initial cost of installation can help offset damage caused by extensive stormwater runoff. Between backyard erosion and damage to concrete surfaces, the porous nature of permeated pavers means you spend less fixing your property after devastating storms and dangerous weather.

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Can I save money with DIY permeable paver installation?

Yes and no.

“Yes”, you can save money by tackling the project yourself (assuming you meet Melbourne Stormwater and Victorian council regulations). However, the risks outweigh the rewards, so “no” we don’t recommend this course of action.

Permeable concrete pavers also require specialist preparation of the underlying soil. Without the correct preparation, you can remove your existing surface, haul away the mess, pour new concrete with necessary gravel and resin… only to end up without proper drainage due to mistakes.

To help you save time and money, trust the experts at Concept Concrete to lay striking permeable pavers and bring your space to life.

Elevate your outdoor space with the help of Concept Concrete

Permeable pavers are an environmentally-conscious choice that stop rain water from running dangerously into stormwater drains, your neighbour’s property, or your own yard.

With a wide range of design options and application in an array of settings from residential driveways to patios and courtyards, it’s no wonder this socially conscious paver is becoming more common throughout Melbourne.

Although the average cost of installation lands around $180 to $190 per m2, it’s best to speak to your local concreting experts for accurate pricing. At Concept Concrete, our team of experts have two decades worth of experience working in Melbourne homes and businesses with no job too big or too small.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, you’ll never need to worry about the quality of your new pavers and can enjoy a gorgeous space that’s supporting the environment at a price that works for you. Call us on 1300 366 343 to learn more or request an obligation-free quote online.