Get started on your next home improvement project with confidence thanks to our all-in-one price guide perfect for textured concrete driveways, pool decks, patios and more!

It’s a myth that concrete is expensive.

In fact, the durability, strength and thermal mass can significantly reduce heating and cooling bills (when used inside) and slash the need for ongoing repairs and upgrades (when used outside).

Although initial costs may be higher than non-concrete alternatives, you’re actually making the savvy choice for your Melbourne home or business in the long run.

That means that you can confidently choose your favourite concrete finish with the peace of mind that comes with proven longevity. And if you’ve had your eye on textured concrete, we don’t blame you.

With a wide selection of colours and styles, minimal maintenance, resistance to damage and unique beauty of a textured concrete surface, you can enjoy a driveway, poolside patio or exterior space that looks like a million bucks.

Thankfully, textured concrete is MUCH cheaper than that. How cheap exactly? Read on to find out.

Is textured concrete a worthwhile investment? 

Jump back in time several decades and concrete was a utilitarian and dull (although strong) material. In 2022, the options for concrete finishes are many. 

If you want your Melbourne home or business to stand out, it’s tough to go past textured concrete. Created when a trained technician lays designs into curing concrete, you have complete control over how your surface will look. This includes the colour, pattern and (as the name suggests), the texture.

Delivering the appearance of brick, stone and wood (to name just a few aesthetic options), textured concrete can deliver a 100% unique finish to make your driveway, patio, or pool deck stand out (and make it impossible for envious neighbours to truly mimic your design).

Concept Concrete Tip: Although stamped concrete and textured concrete are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. Stamped concrete offers a more uniform look while textured concrete can turn a singular concrete slab into a unique finish that offers more customisation.

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What factors determine the cost of textured concrete?

The price of textured concrete installation depends on a range of factors that include:

  • Size
  • Choice of patterns
  • Condition of concrete
  • Concrete thickness

Although the upfront cost of installing a textured concrete driveway or patio will typically be higher than a timber or brick comparison, it’s important to take into account the longevity of your space.

Textured concrete offers a robust and lasting surface that won’t require regular (see: expensive) maintenance and upkeep. As years (and even decades) pass, you’ll keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Take into account hourly labour rates

Most Melbourne concreters will quote per m2. This can help you form a rough estimate based on the size of your home improvement project. Naturally, smaller settings will be more economical than larger installations.

However, keep in mind you’ll also need to factor in labour costs. Although labour rates vary from state to state, expect to pay around $67.50 per hour for concrete work in Victoria. This amount can seem high compared to the hourly rate of other tradespeople. That said, professional concreters come with experience and innovative tools to speed up the job and help keep your overall costs down.

It’s tempting to go with an unlicensed concreter or a “friend of a friend” with experience labouring, but the cost of incorrect installation and having to start over can be significantly higher.

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Where are you installing textured concrete?

Although averages can help you plan your budget (and avoid any nasty surprises along the way), it’s helpful to reach out to your local Melbourne concrete knowing where you’ll be using textured concrete.

Textured concrete driveway cost: Take into account the size of your driveway as this is the primary factor influencing cost. At an average of $120 per m2 for a 20m2 driveway, expect to pay around $2,400.

Textured concrete pool cost: The flexibility of textured concrete means you can create an elegant and chic poolside patio. At an average of $120 per m2 and a 65m2 pool deck, expect to pay around $7,800. Keep in mind, textured concrete by your family pool may become slippery if water pools on the surface (this is common when concrete is sealed), so you may need to factor in an additional anti-slip coat to promote safety.

How much does textured concrete cost?

For an existing concrete slab not requiring significant preparation, expect to pay between $65 and $150 per m2. A more expensive option than plain concrete or polished concrete, the truly unique aesthetic finish and ability to fully customise your space is seen as priceless by Melbourne home and business owners looking for a way to turn heads.

Consider the following table to compare textured concrete to other popular concrete finishes:

Concrete Type Average Cost
Plain Concrete $65 to $85 per m2
Coloured Concrete $75 to $95 per m2
Textured Concrete $65 to $150 per m2
Exposed Aggregate Concrete $100 to $150 per m2
Stencilled Concrete $100 to $150 per m2

What other textured concreting costs should you take into account?

As we mentioned, there are a range of additional services that may be required before you can enjoy an eye-catching textured surface. Some of these include the following:

Concrete Grinding: You may need to prepare your slab for a new finish by removing imperfections and irregularities through concrete grinding ($10 to $60 per m2).

Concrete Removal: Avoid a weekend of hard yakka with professional concrete removal to haul away damaged walls, floors and slabs ($35 to $50 per m2).

Concrete Sealing: Concrete is naturally porous, meaning it absorbs water, which can cause serious damage in the long run. Price will vary based on your choice of sealer ($149 to $220 for 20L of sealer).

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Trust Concept Concrete to bring your next project to life

Textured concrete is sure to WOW the neighbours – but that’s not the only reason to invest in this striking, economical concrete finish. With an average of $65 to $150 per m2, you can transform your Melbourne space at a price that works for you.

And with a track record of strength and durability, you can enjoy your new concrete surface for years (and decades) to come without having to open your wallet and spend big. 

At Concept Concrete, we have over 18 years of experience in the residential and commercial space with a commitment to high-quality and professional jobs that deliver value today, tomorrow and into the future. Whether you need help choosing a textured finish to suit your space, or need help bringing your vision to life, we’re ready to help make it happen.

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