Making concrete seems simple. Mix water, sand and cement, lay it on the ground, then wait for it to set. It can be tempting to think that anyone can do it – yourself, a neighbour, a handyman mate – and there’s no real need for professional concrete services in Melbourne.

But this seemingly simple process is actually anything but. A souffle is just a mixture of butter, milk, cream and eggs that you put in the oven, but getting it to turn out perfectly can take years of training. Whether we’re talking driveways, foundations or exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne concreting is much the same.

But what are the specific benefits of using professional concrete services in Melbourne? Let’s take a look at four of the biggest.

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The concrete will last

Just as you need a souffle to rise just right, you need your concrete to set perfectly. Any minor crack can quickly become major as moisture and temperature cause it to expand and contract. Before long your concrete is covered with little canyons and chipping off everywhere.

By employing a professional you can be confident that your concrete will be expertly set, and will stand the test of time.

Professional work adds value to your home

Between exposed aggregate and designer concrete driveways in Melbourne, there’s actually far more art to concreting than you’d imagine! And by choosing a concreter who can do a professional and stylish job, you can add serious value to your property.

The work is held to a high standard

Any company that offers concrete services in Melbourne should be both a member of the Master Builders Association and a Registered Building Practitioner. These companies are held to a higher standard than those that aren’t registered, giving you confidence that the work will be of the highest quality – if it isn’t, you can take the matter up with the association.

A good concreter will also be confident enough in their work to offer a lengthy warranty period, like the up to 78-month warranty available on Concept Concrete’s structural work.

It’s cheaper than DIY

The major reason for a home or business owner to do their own concreting is cost – they feel as though it’ll be far cheaper to DIY than it will be to hire a contractor. But is it?

Concreting requires a lot of specialist equipment that either needs to be bought or hired. Lacking a bulk discount, buying and making a small amount of concrete can also be quite expensive. And without the experience or professional-level tools, a DIY concreter will be far less efficient than a professional.

All in all, professional concreting offers a level of longevity, style, quality and cost-effectiveness that DIY concreting simply cannot. If you’re looking to improve the strength, look or functionality of your property, a concreting professional has you covered.

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