You’ll stand to save significantly if you choose to go with a mainstay like plain concrete.

Concrete comes in a wide variety of colours, finishes, applications, and uses. But when all is said and done, there’s nothing like the versatility and timelessness of plain concrete.

You simply can’t go wrong whether you’re installing a new slab, updating a driveway, or installing modern floors in your home. Plain concrete has a classic grey look that goes with any design aesthetic and can be easily taken care of over its lifetime.

The key is to understand how much and what you need it for in order to budget properly.

Introducing PCC: Plain cement concrete

Plain concrete, also known as PCC to industry experts, is a mixture of cement, an aggregate, usually sand, and water that creates a solution that hardens naturally as it dries. The drying, or curing, process can take several days to complete, and should be allowed to finish before walking on or using the surface in any way.

This versatile building material can be found everywhere from foundations to driveways in commercial and residential applications. In fact, it’s the second most used item in the world after water. That’s because we have made it an essential part of our build processes and even developed techniques, like reinforcement, to add strength to the material and allow it to perform high-pressure functions.

What affects the cost of concrete?

Concrete is a common building material, but the prices for it can fluctuate throughout Melbourne dramatically based on the project and a number of key factors.


How much concrete you need is the first measure of price. Generally calculated in square metres, a concrete installer will visit your project or property and want to walk off the measurements for your exact needs to know how much concrete they’ll need to get the job done properly.


How much concrete you need will also affect the amount of labour involved. Some companies charge separately for installation, so be careful to look for quotes that do (or don’t) include this line item. Of course, the more extensive your project is, the more workers will be needed to get it done in a timely manner. And since concrete is a time-based project that has to move efficiently while the mixture is ready, you won’t want to cut corners here.


This is a big component of installing concrete of any sort. Since concrete is naturally non-permeable, you’ll need to make sure that the surface is not only stellar looking but also graded away from the home to allow for proper runoff. Some contractors will also allow for proper drainage solutions around the job site that include gravel and soil compaction to ensure that your concrete will not settle and crack over time.

Delivery fees

Watch out for companies that also charge extra delivery fees. Concrete is costly to move and often mixed or prepared near the job site to reduce labour and inconvenience on behalf of the contractor. There may be other costs involved in coordinating the delivery of your concrete to your job site especially if the company you choose is not a concrete specialist themselves.


Depending on your project, you might have to wait for your concreter to be available to do the work for you. Construction and concrete services are in high demand here in Melbourne, so you’ll want to be sure you work with a company that has room in its schedule not only for new projects but also for projects of your type and size.


We know we’re talking about plain concrete, but there’s so much you can do to jazz things up if you’d like. Plain concrete can be stamped, etched, or even pave cut to give it new dimension and design interest. No changes have to be made to the mix itself; it’s simply a matter of choosing a finish that goes with your design aesthetic and depending on your project requirements. These extras, in turn, will cost you extra in their own right.

How much does plain concrete cost in Melbourne?

Depending on the factors we mentioned, you can expect to pay anywhere between $85-$135 per square metre for plain concrete. That’s not considering the cost of labour, which can vary depending on labour availability and demand.

Add stamping, stencilling, or additional style to your plain concrete, and you’re looking at pricing that jumps even higher.

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What to look for in a concrete contractor

Plain concrete might seem simple enough to hire out for, but you’ll want to be sure you get the best in the business when it comes to your project. And there are companies that are more fly-by-night handymen who claim to have experience that they really don’t. It’s up to you to do your homework and find the right business to do business with.

And even if you’re opting for plain, you still want to see a portfolio of their work to be sure that you’re on the same page when it comes to similar projects. This can not only show you the scope of their work but also their level of detail when it comes to job sites.

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Plain that goes above and beyond with Concept Concrete

Plain concrete has a number of uses, most notably construction projects and driveways. It can be straightforward to budget for these costs based on averages, but additions like labour and availability could throw a wrench into your plans. That’s why it’s always best to get an exact quote for your project from the pros who will be working on them.

And there’s no one better in Melbourne when it comes to all things concrete than Concept Concrete. We offer modern and custom concrete design even with the plainest of concrete types so you can have the best outcome for your project. We also offer fast and free quotes so you can accurately budget for your concrete needs in advance with zero surprises. Call us on 1300 366 343 today to learn more!