We’ve all seen them as we drive through the city, old homes in disrepair that have seen better days and create an eyesore in whichever neighbourhood they are located in. Although many of these older, even condemned properties are eventually renovated, there are always a few that remain. The reason why they remain uninhabitable and also a potential health hazard is usually down to stubborn owners who put an implausibly high price on the property. If one of these vacant properties does actually finally get sold, it’s time to think about renovating for resale. In this Concept Concrete blog, we’ll have a look at some of the things that need to be done in order to attract a buyer.

Renovation – Order of Works

When renovating an old property, the first consideration needs to be safety. If the building is structurally unsound it may need to be demolished if there is no alternative. Another potential danger is asbestos, this dangerous, potentially deadly material’s use was widespread until the 1980’s and older homes are likely to have been constructed using asbestos. If you suspect that asbestos is present, do not touch or move it under any circumstances, call an asbestos removal specialist to remove and safely dispose of it. Once any safety concerns have been addressed it’s time to begin the project in earnest. Please see below for a rough order of works:

  • Clear External Area for Easy Access
  • Stabilise Building and Remove Debris
  • Shore up Brickwork and make essential rebuilds or repairs

When these initial stages have been completed you can move on to the things that will hopefully attract a buyer.

What a Buyer Looks For

There are many things a buyer may look for when buying a property, but for the purpose of this blog, we’ll concentrate on the exterior, as first impressions count the most.

  • The Driveway – The driveway is the first thing any potential buyer will set eyes on when approaching the property. High quality concrete driveways can be installed reasonably quickly and easily. You can choose between a wide variety of styles and materials in order to match the newly renovated property’s characteristics.
  • Front Door and Garage Doors – Again, these are amongst the first things any potential buyer will see so care needs to be taken in regard to quality, design and colour.
  • The Garden – The garden is also an area of great importance when trying to make a great first impression. If space and budget allow, engaging the services of some experienced garden concrete landscapers might be worth the additional outlay.
  • The Windows – Majorly important, potential buyers will ALWAYS check the quality and installation of the windows.
  • Backyard – Very important for the warm sunny evenings in Australia. Installing a high-quality pave cut patio might be just enough to make the potential buyer sign on the dotted line!

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