The exterior design of your home should not be neglected in favour of your interiors. Despite the old adage, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, the reality is that many buyers take their first impressions of a property very seriously. It can impact their view of the entire space and strongly affect their likelihood of making an offer.

As well as the façade of your home – the quality of the paintwork or brickwork – the space in front of your home is absolutely essential to creating an appealing exterior. At Concept Concrete, we are experienced in working with clients across Melbourne to create attractive exterior designs, from driveways, to pathways, to landscaping and garden designs. Here are 4 ways in which we can increase your property’s value through our designs:

  1. Driveways & Pathways

A well-finished driveway creates an instantly positive impression of your home that is sure to appeal to buyers. At Concept Concrete, we are experts in driveway design and offer a wide range of different finishes to suit all property types. Our decorative concrete paving and pave cut concrete are ideal for those seeking to create a clean-cut and manicured look for their home. For those looking to add a splash of colour, our coloured concrete comes in a whole range of different tones to create the perfect solution. If you are on a tight budget, then plain concrete provides a clean and sleek finish with all of the benefits that this hardy material has to offer. In addition, a matching pathway leading up to your front door can create consistency and unity in your home’s exterior that will make it instantly appealing to buyers and visitors alike. All-in-all, we are confident that our high skill levels and fair prices are unbeatable across Melbourne – whatever your design idea, we will be able to find a fitting solution.

  1. Front Garden

If you have a driveway, then the likelihood is that you have a decent amount of space in front of your home. Incorporating a front garden into your driveway design is an excellent way to add some natural greenery to your home, which will increase its appeal tenfold. At Concept Concrete our Melbourne design team is able to develop landscaping plans which can incorporate pathways, driveways and gardens to create a dynamic and attractive exterior.

  1. Durability

Besides aesthetics, durability should be a key consideration when designing your home’s exterior. A driveway that will need constant re-paving will end up being a false investment, which is why we focus on concrete as a highly durable material. Concrete is able to withstand constant wear from footfall and heavy vehicles and it is also able to withstand extreme weather conditions – both hot and cold. On top of its aesthetic qualities, its durability makes it one of the most adaptable and popular materials for exterior design.

  1. Maintenance

Another key factor that buyers will be interested in is the maintenance needs of your property. Low-maintenance instantly equals lower costs and less time-wasting, which is why your home’s value will soar if it is easy to upkeep. At Concept Concrete we focus on concrete as not only a highly durable material but also one which is incredibly easy to maintain.

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