When it comes to neighbourly disputes, one of the most common causes of discord is often parking, or lack of it. Many areas now suffer from a lack of parking, with many homeowners finding they need to find parking on the road, which can be extremely difficult if you live close to shops or in another area where people tend to gather. That’s why many people are choosing to change their front garden and add a driveway, giving them private parking and a guaranteed space. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider a concrete driveway and how it can make life easier.

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No more driving around

We’ve all had a situation where we’ve got home after a long day, only to find there’s no parking on the street, so you have to drive around looking for a space. If this is your experience, it’s amazing how much a driveway can make your life easier, meaning you’re always guaranteed a space at the end of a long day and can load and un-load your car easily.

Park more than one car

Many households now own more than one car. The average household will have vehicles such as:

  • An everyday car
  • A work van or business car
  • Cars for teenage or adult children living at home
  • Weekend or project cars
  • Motorbikes

If you’re a bit of a petrolhead, there’s nothing worse than not having anywhere to park, and if you have multiple vehicles then it’s easy to annoy your neighbours when parking is tight. By building your own driveway, you can ensure there’s plenty of space if you decide to invest in a second car.

Improve your kerb appeal

One hesitation that many homeowners have about installing a driveway is that it means losing your front garden. However, it doesn’t have to mean that you kill off all your greenery or make it less attractive. When using concrete, you can choose a drive in any shape you like, with spaces around the edges for flowerbeds or trees. This ensures your home still has kerb appeal but has the added convenience of a drive in your newly refurbished garden.

Increasing your home’s value

Nothing puts off potential buyers like a lack of parking, and if you are thinking of selling your home in the next few years, then a driveway can be an excellent investment. Homes with driveways often sell for more than homes with simple on-street parking, and many buyers will be looking for a place with a driveway as its so much more convenient. When people come to view your home, you don’t want them to be driving around for ages looking for a spot, as this will soon put them off your home, but a driveway can create the right first impression.

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