The exterior of your property is an integral part of the type of impression it makes from the roadside. It’s usually one of the first things people think about when they look to purchase a property and something that many owners take pride in when creating a welcoming setting for friends and family. One of the best ways to get the look you desire for your driveway, entryway and porch area is to incorporate concrete to bring fluidity to the overall aesthetics. To maximise its potential, there are a range of options besides the traditional grey concrete that is often used for large external spaces.

Take a look at why decorative and coloured concrete is ideal for making your exterior area unique to your property.

Colours to suit your property

Many people think that concrete comes in standard shades and can look too industrial for a domestic property. You can, of course, opt for traditional colours such as grey and charcoal, but at Concept Concrete, we offer a host of possibilities to choose from. For lighter driveways, there is everything from Light Mocha to Silver Sands and Sandy Beige to Forest Floor, and for darker spaces, you can choose shades such as Brazil Nut and Dark Terracotta to match the style of your exterior theme. The option of coloured concrete still offers the same durability as other concrete types and withstands general wear and tear plus weather extremes; it also puts an individual spin on your exterior landscaping.

Impressive entryways

As you approach your property, you want it to give you that ‘wow factor’. A great way to achieve this is using pave cut style concrete. This look is cut with a diamond saw for a clean and sharp edge which works beautifully with coloured concrete on pathways and entryways that lead up to a porch area. This style offers an affordable alternative to the paver concept plus can be matched to your driveway style or contrasted for an eye-catching look.

Transforming outside areas

If you’re hoping to blend both the front and back areas with a unique aesthetic, then using concrete is a great option. Concept Concrete also specialises in creating exceptional entertaining areas and alfresco dining spots, which fit into the décor and themes of your exterior spaces. Coloured concrete in your garden space is also ideal for bringing fluidity to a property that has an outside-in vibe. By considering colours that transition with your interior design can help blend the area perfectly, and when the patio doors are open, there are no obtrusive barriers between your inside and outside living spaces.

Concrete Driveways and Solutions in Melbourne

Transforming your property and increasing its kerb appeal is easily achievable when you decide to use concrete for a durable and stylish finish. If you’re looking to revamp your driveway, pathways and entryways, contact us on 1300 366 343 or email us using this form. Concept Concrete will guide you through the best options for your property and grounds, and help you create your perfect exterior space.