If you’ve ever attended a conference before, in any part of the world, you will probably have a good idea what’s constitutes a good conference venue, this is particularly relevant if you’ve been to more than one. The first things that come to mind for most people is probably the auditorium, lighting, acoustics and seating arrangements, but what about the exterior?

In this Concept Concrete blog, we’ll attempt to highlight why the exterior of a conference centre is important and will focus on accessibility and open spaces where attendees can escape the confines of the conference hall and network outside in comfortable, attractive surroundings.

Access to the Conference Centre by Road

Any well-established conference centre will have ample parking and an attractive approach road that leads to the entrance. The area surrounding the car park should also be attractive, concrete landscaping lends an air of modern design to the exterior and sets the tone for the whole day or two-day conference. Signage should be clear and there should also be well designed pathways, with underlighting that lead to the main entrance of the building.

Breakout Spaces

Every conference centre of any note should have the space for any number of break out spaces in order to meet the needs of the delegates. After sitting in a crowded hall inside for an hour or two, many people welcome the chance the get outside into the fresh air to continue their discussions. A well-designed coloured concrete or pave cut patio, complete with suitable seating and tables, provides an ideal breakout space, especially if surrounded by similarly designed landscaped gardens. When not being used in a work context, they can also be used as a place to eat lunch in the sunshine or grab a quick coffee inbetween conference speakers.


Although you may not even notice it immediately, a well-designed conference centre, both the interior and exterior, does set the mood for the day. If people are attending any conference, for any period of time, it is easier to hold their attention in attractive rather than unattractive surroundings. Even things not immediately central to the actual conference facilities themselves, attractive outdoor spaces can impact upon what a delegate actually takes away from the conference. A nice concrete patio area, away from the main conference centre enables delegates to have a bit of breathing space, perhaps to make a personal phone call or fire off a quick e-mail.

As you can see from points mentioned above, a good conference centre is about more than simply sound, lighting and capacity, the external areas are equally as important.

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