A modern concrete driveway is as beautiful as it functional and can add real value to your property. As Melbourne’s leading concrete driveway contractor, we have extensive experience in delivering concrete solutions that can enhance the overall aesthetic of your property while increasing the accessibility of your home or office.

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Read on for more insight into how our concrete driveway products can add value to your Melbourne Property.

Kerb Appeal

Whether you’re redoing your driveway or constructing a driveway for a new build, you’ll be pleased to know that a concrete driveway can dramatically improve your property’s kerb appeal.

Why is this important? Well, kerb appeal can make an enormous difference if and when the time comes to sell your property. Home loan comparison site Finder found that buyers will reduce their offers by as much as 25 percent if a property looks shabby from the street.

It’s easy to understand this reaction. After all, your driveway is the entrance to your property and provides a snapshot of what visitors can expect from your home or office, and you as the property owner. With strong, clean lines and a range of stunning colours and textures to choose from, our concrete driveway products give you the best chance of boosting kerb appeal and making a strong first impression.


Here at Concept Concrete, we’re proud to offer a range of concrete designs that can enhance the look of your property. However, it’s important to note that all our products remain very practical solutions and we never put form over function. Featuring textured surfaces, specifically designed to prevent water build up, all of our concrete driveway options are made to provide traction and minimise the risk of injury or damage. Regardless of the length of your driveway, our Melbourne concreting solutions can be used to provide safe and stylish accessibility to your home or office and boost your property’s value.

Complete the Aesthetic of Your Property

Many Melbourne homes and offices are designed with a certain aesthetic in mind. From rustic to contemporary and everything in between, many properties in the city depend on the cohesion of their design to provide the full effect.

Where does a driveway come into this?

Well, at Concept Concrete, we offer an extensive range of customisable concreting options that are sure to fit the architectural stylings of just about any property. For instance, our coloured concrete may be used to complement or contrast the colour scheme of your property’s exterior, while our stencilled and slate impression concrete can inject a sense of modern design into your outdoor space.

If you’re thinking about building a concrete driveway in Melbourne, we’d love to hear from you. Give the team a call today for a no-obligation chat about your options and discover why so many people use Concept Concrete as their concrete contractor of choice in Melbourne