Home staging is a process used to improve the look of a private residence before it is marketed through the real estate marketplace and ultimately intended to make the property look appealing. Common staging techniques include the use of artwork, accessories and lighting to distract the potential buyer from any flaws the property may have and instead lead them to the more attractive features of the property.

In regard to the exterior of a home, staging becomes a totally different proposition as it is much harder to portray a scruffy garden or damaged driveway in a positive light. Depending on how much your home is worth, you may want to think about what you can do to improve the exterior, it will be more expensive than simple staging but could provide a healthy return on your investment when a potential buyer looks around your property.

I have listed a few jobs that are certainly worth considering for the exterior of your home if they are beyond a simple tidy up or clean.


If your property is in need of a coat of paint and it does show, no amount of light or any staging technique will disguise it. Although ignoring the obvious need for a paint job may not necessarily be a deal breaker in regard to a house sale, it does show perhaps a lack of pride in the property and may persuade the potential buyer to look a bit more closely at the interior.


You simply cannot disguise a damaged or worn driveway. Many households now have more than one vehicle and having somewhere safe and stable to park up is essential. Cars are probably the second biggest investment people will make after the purchase of a home and will quite rightly be concerned about the prospect of potential damage to their cars if left outside on the street. Having the driveway jet washed may improve its appearance somewhat but with any major flaws you will probably need to engage the services of an experienced driveway company who can perhaps repair or even replace in a worst-case scenario.


A scruffy garden is definitely a turn off for many potential home buyers unless the asking price is adjusted accordingly. A simple tidy up can make a difference but for damaged pathways or broken border walls, you will need to speak to your local garden landscaping specialist who will be able to provide advice and recommendations as to how you can rectify any major faults.

Garage Door

The good old garage door is the first thing any potential buyer will see as they approach your property and for a relatively small outlay you can paint or replace it.

Home staging can be effective for a property’s interior, but the outdoor areas need a more substantial level of effort. None of the above may affect a sale, but if you are serious about selling your house for your asking price, it may be worth actioning one or more of the points listed above.

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