We’re all familiar with the passing fads and fashions that impact upon almost everything we buy, from the latest mobile phones to the Smart TVs that have become a fixture in almost every home across Australia. But more often than not, we shell out what seems to be a small fortune on the latest and greatest products only for them to be superseded by something more advanced and usually more expensive, but what about our driveways? Do they ever fall out of fashion or do they just simply look scruffy over the passage of time? In this blog we’ll try and explore a few options to remedy any design disasters and shed some light on concrete driveway designs that will stand the test of time despite ever changing trends.

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Contemporary Design

You are more likely to fall foul of the latest trends if you opt for a contemporary design. Garden trends especially, seem to change like the seasons, as can be seen when you search for ‘garden trends’ online. Concrete driveways are usually a safe bet if you want to isolate your property from the ever-evolving design trends. If you could categorise a concrete driveway in fashion terms, a ‘timeless classic’ would probably be the most apt description. The theme can still be contemporary of course but if designed by experts, can stand the test of time and still look as relevant in 10 years’ time as it does today. Please see below for a few driveway ideas that will stand the test of time in regard to property trends.

  • Exposed Aggregate – If any driveway material could be described as a timeless classic, exposed aggregate concrete is it. In conjunction with your driveway specialist, you can choose from a vast range of colours and textures to complement your existing landscape and architecture.
  • Coloured Concrete – This material is a little trickier to formulate into a timeless classic design, but it can be done. Depending on the style of the property and the base colours of the exterior, you can find a colour that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding environment, your concrete driveway expert will be able to help you with the colour scheme.
  • Plain Concrete – You literally cannot go wrong with plain concrete. This unique composition can complement any number of different properties and providing the design is right will never age in terms of the latest trends.
  • Pave Cut – Again, another classic choice for both driveways and gardens. Experienced pavers will be able to advise you on the best design for your property and also provide maintenance advice.

Bringing your Vision to Life

To get the very best results, you will need to engage the services of a concrete driveway specialist. They not only actually lay the concrete but can also provide you with inspiration and a myriad of design ideas that will ensure your driveway never looks dated.

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