We all know how hard it can be to select the right company for our precise requirements, mainly because of the massive selection of companies that are out there. We’re not just talking about one or two sectors here, we’re talking about all of them, from pet food suppliers to online make up retailers to concrete driveway companies! The choice is simply overwhelming, so how do you select the right concrete company for your needs? Is it a case of ‘lucky dip’? No, of course not. In the absence of any word of mouth recommendations from family, colleagues or friends, you will have to do a little investigation on your own. Here at Concept Concrete, we like to give our readers tips and advice to ensure they get what they are looking for, whatever they are looking for. As leading Melbourne concrete specialists, we’ll use the home improvement sector as an example. Please see below, for a list of things you need to check before engaging the services of any one concreting or home improvement company:

  • Find out how long they’ve been in Business
  • What are their Specialties?
  • Positive and Checkable Testimonials
  • Independent Reviews
  • Do they answer all your questions to a satisfactory standard?
  • Is their pricing fully transparent?

Ensuring the company you select can fulfil all of the above should be enough to help make you make an informed choice.

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Personal Skills

Although experience and an impressive portfolio are the main indicators of a competent company, you should never ignore your first impressions or gut feeling. When you call the company out for a quotation, they should be approachable, friendly, and above all know what they are talking about. Experienced and efficient concrete experts will immediately put you at ease and explain everything to you in a way you can understand! Here at Concept Concrete we realise that not everyone is an expert, or indeed knows the ‘technical terms’ appertaining to our line of work, so we’ll spell out exactly what we’ll do with your available budget.

Can they Deliver on Time?

If you check independent reviews on online, you will probably get a good indication as to whether the concrete company you select can complete your project in the agreed timeframe. Unseasonable weather is a valid excuse, a shortage of labour or materials are certainly not! Having an unfinished concrete driveway or a backyard patio under construction for any longer than necessary is a massive inconvenience, a highly regarded concreting company should be able to give you both written and personal assurances as to the completion time.

If you are planning a home improvement project in the near future and you want a company who works to the highest possible standards look no further than Concept Concrete. Our years of experience and unrivalled customer care has made us to go to company for homes in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Call us FREE on 1300 366 343 during business hours or complete our online enquiry form on the contact us page.